P/O Patrick J Coniffee

Fallen Hero

Patrolman Patrick J Coniffee

18 May 1925

Patrolman Patrick J Coniffee of the Central District died Monday night at St. Joseph Hospital, an inquest will be held tomorrow night [19 May 1925] by Dr. J.S.H. Potter, Coroner for the Northeast District. The patrolman was struck Sunday night by a streetcar and received a fractured skull. 

David E Miles 811 South Calhoun St. Motorman of the car was arrested and later released to appear at the investigation. Patrolman Patrick J Coniffee Central District was injured serious the last night when he was struck by a streetcar at Fleet Street and Patterson Park Avenue. He was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital where it is thought he is suffering from a fractured skull and possible internal injuries. He is 44 years old and lives at 720 Mura St. - The policeman was crossing the street when he was struck by a car about 11 PM the motorman of the car was David Miles 311 South Calhoun St. and the conductor was Frank Walter 800 block of Scott Street. A mealy after the accident the car was stopped and the motorman and conductor picked up the injured man. He was taken to the hospital in the automobile of William Longe 600 block S. Bond St. - Coniffee has been on the Baltimore police force since June 1913 and prior to this time he was a special officer for the railroad company. - He was struck while working his beat. David Miles was the motorman of the car. - 3 November 1934 – Patrolman John Stapf, a patrolman was killed by a trolley car and two children were injured one fatal, but automobiles yesterday;

Patrolman John Stapf, 63 of Northwest district who lived in the 5100 block of Elmer Avenue

Clifton Himmel, eight years old son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Himmel of the 2600 block of Hamilton Avenue

Daniel Knott, 5, of the 1500 block of E. Pratt St. at Johns Hopkins hospital suffering from a possible fractured skull

Patrolman staff was killed almost instantly when struck by streetcar yesterday afternoon on North Avenue under the Western Maryland railway bridge. Witnesses said the officer ran in front of a standing eastbound car and into the path of a car going in the opposite direction. Radio cars were dispatched to the scene and took him to the West Baltimore General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead of a compound skull fracture.

Shortly before the accident patrolman staff John Smith and Edward Burns was standing at a police call box at that point. They had just been relieved of duty. Smith and Burns boarded the eastbound car, which was in charge of by Harry Phobos motorman staff ran in front of his car. Phobos said, and was struck by the other trolley. The impact threw him against the standing car.


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End of Watch 18 May 1925
City, St.    Fleet Street and Patterson Park Avenue
Panel Number N/A
Cause of Death Auto Accident
District Worked Central

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