Patrolman Emil J Klaas Jr.

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 Patrolman Emil J Klaas Jr.

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  Patrolman Klaas Jr.

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 Patrolman Klaas Jr.

The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words comes to mind. Here if we look at the officers, left coat pocket we see a long leather strap has been fished through his pocket with a nightstick ring on same. As a young officer I often saw old timers walking around with a long leather strap that held their nightstick ring, or in many cases also held their espantoon. Until this photo, I didn't know the reason for the long strap, now I know it was so during the winter months they could fish the strap through the pocket which was opened all the way through allowing officers to get to their pant pocket or firearm. Now their espantoon would be held in its ring, but highly accessible on the outside of the officer's coat.

paint72 Patrolman Emil J. Klaas Jr.

E Klass

19 Oct 1954



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