Officer Gary Dresser


Officer Gary Dresser

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1Courtesy of Gary's Daughter Kirsten Dresser
2Courtesy of Gary's Daughter Kirsten Dresser
3Courtesy of Gary's Daughter Kirsten Dresser
4Courtesy of Gary's Daughter Kirsten Dresser
6Courtesy of Gary's Daughter Kirsten Dresser
5Courtesy of Gary's Daughter Kirsten Dresser
10Courtesy of Gary's Daughter Kirsten Dresser
12Courtesy of Gary's Daughter Kirsten Dresser
Courtesy of Gary's Daughter Kirsten Dresser

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1 Gary dresser

Four Officers Wounded In Gun Fight October 31, 1974   Officer Alric Moore The streets of West Baltimore were almost deserted as Officer Alric K. Moore, of the Western District began trying-up doors on his post in the early morning hours of Thursday, October 31, 1974. While approaching a bar in the 1600 block of West Baltimore Street he noticed that the side door was ajar. Closer examination revealed fresh pry marks and he immediately called for back-up units. When other officers arrived they discovered that the juke box and other items had been removed. Further investigation revealed a trail of scuff marks, left by the heavy record player, leading down the alley to the rear porch of a house on Fayette Street. Officer Gary Dresser With the front of the building covered Officer Gary W. Dresser and Officer Moore approached the closed door that partly blocked by the stolen juke box. As they got onto the porch of the darkened house rapid-fire gun shots rang out from inside striking Officer Moore in the right shoulder and wounding Officer Dresser in the hand as he dove for cover. As Officer Dresser helped the wounded Officer out of the line of fire Officer Glenn D. Hauze was hit in the right shoulder by a second burst of gunfire as he rushed to their aid. "Medal of Honor Recipient" Officer Glenn Hauze Back-up units responded quickly and tightly sealed off the area. The gunman1 Alric moore moved from one window to another firing short bursts from his semi-automatic 45 caliber rifle, as the officers returned fire and Officers Hauze and Moore were rushed to the hospital. One of the bursts struck Officer Joseph E. Hlafka wounding him in the jaw, back shoulder and both arms as he took up a position in a near-by yard. Officer Hlafka was removed and rushed to an area hospital as the officers returned fire and attempted to talk the suspect out of the house. The suspect moved to the front and officers continued to ask him to surrender and throw his weapon out. Soon the semi-automatic was dropped from a second floor window. It rested on the front steps as officers cautiously approached the front door. As they edged towards the entrance the suspect yelled, "put your guns away and I'll give up." Officer Charles Thrush holstered his service revolver and advised the suspect that he was going to handcuff him. As Officer Thrush walked towards him, the gunman grabbed the semi-automatic rifle lying next to the steps. Sergeant Anthony Sarro, of the Southwestern District, warned Officer Thrush, who dove for cover, and as the suspect began to raise the weapon Sergeant Sarro fired one round from his shotgun.   Officer Joseph Hlafka The suspect then dropped his weapon and retreated back into the house. After the other occupants of the dwelling came out, the officers entered the premises. The suspect was found dead in the hallway on the third floor. A search of the house revealed a recently stolen 357 magnum revolver. The weapon had been taken in an assault and robbery the day before in the 2000 block of W. Pratt Street. Officers Dresser and Hauze were treated at area hospitals and released. Officer Moore and HIafka were admitted to Bon Secours Hospital.

 1 Glen Hauze

1 Nightstick joe

Officer Joseph E. Hlafka "Nightstick Joe" 



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