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Baltimore Police Patch Collection


Baltimore City Police Rocker Patch 1952/1967


Baltimore CITY Police patch 1968/1974


Baltimore Police Patch 1975 Present

1police 1 trainee

Baltimore Police Trainee Patch 1965

1cadet rocker

Baltimore Police Cadet Rocker Patch 1968

The Cadet program was started to help bring better quality police to Baltimore, it gave us a chance to give young men a chance to see if they wanted to be police, but it also gave us a chance to grab them before other agencies did. Another benefit was that it allowed more police to work the streets, while cadets handled some of their work, answering phones, filing or finding reports. The first Cadet hired was Edmund Bossle, he was hired on the day the program was initiated, 17 June 1965, and issued badge number 101. 

1City Cadet

Baltimore CITY Police Cadet Patch 1968/74
1City Cadet

Baltimore Police Cadet Patch 1975 Present

1Black1BPD K9

1sub bpd k9

1k9 1new


118881bike unit 1992

1BPD FIX 1971


1public works a comunications

1Homicide1Homicide1 cold case

1traffic 2
1Riot Squad

1radio1 apatrol

1commissioner patch

1sgt stripes

1sgt 1 stripes red


1bcpd boat 5


1crossing9 guard

1meter maid

100 4942 ds copy 72



1housing authority

 Baltimore Housing Police 1987 to 2005

mounted unit insignia1Traffic Insignia warn by Traffic Section

As far back as the "Beauty Squad/Traffic Squad" circa 1905 this insignia was worn to represent transportation at a time when horses, wagons etc. were still being used to travel, and at a time when even motor vehicles used a spoke or wood rim. While some of us thought these were limited to the Mounted Police Unit, these were actually used first for those that directed traffic downtown and around the city known as the Beauty Squad. In hindsight, it should have been obvious it was for more than just Mounted, after all Horses don't have wheels LOL. But more than what the officer was using to get around this insignia represents what branch of law enforcement these officers mainly worked and that was transportation, traffic. The insignia was used by Motors, Mounted, Traffic police etc. In 1952 officers sought a different insignia on a fabric patch, of a Wheel inside of a wheel, with Gold Wings, and the words POLICE TRAFFIC an example can be found on this page 21 patches down from the top. 

Devider color with motto

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1st Coatless


Final Roll Call 2

Final Roll Call