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Over the years The Baltimore Police Department has had many cars, from many makers, in many styles, with many color schemes, and many decal designs. It would be not only impossible to own each of these cars, but it would also be impossible to gather, and maintain them even in something as simple as a photo collection it is hard to gather and maintain these vehicles. Still over the years men and women of the Baltimore City Police Department and other various departments began collecting a different kind of car from their departments, this thirst for ownership extended beyond the Cars, to the Wagons, and then into the Trailers, the Trucks, Helicopters etc. This page is made up of Vehicles my collection, some bought by me, some bought for me, and some that just somehow magically arrived on my doorstep, with a note attached that simply said, “Thanks, keep doing what you're doing” and so I am going to share this collection, in hopes that others will send their cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, etc. in picture form of course. Pictures of their Baltimore Police Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Boats… whatever you may have. Send an email with a clear, sharp JPG, PNG etc. of your car(s) - individually shot from any, or all angles, and as much info as you have on that vehicle. I will include your name with your collection and give you full credit. You an send one car, or an entire collection. Collectors, builders, sellers etc. We want any and all mini BPD police car pics. Dealer's collections will be shown here, and we'll put up a page for them t sell from that links to here... I have a large collection, not as large as most people have, but for an old man that don't play with toys too much it is a lot.. (OK I play with them... anyway, I still have to shoot pics of them, and so do; So let's get it right, we want our cars looking good, let's go into a room that has good light, and let's use a camera, not a phone... watch our back-gounds, shoot as big as we can, we here at the sight will resize it to fit the site, yet still maintain a sharp, crisp pic with good color and detail.


1 BPD 1950 Chevy Solido 21 BPD AID 50 Stud Yat Ming 21 BPD AID 64 Merc Yat Ming1 BPD Traff Enf Mustang 21 eBay pt 2 Oct 2009 0281 eBay pt 2 Oct 2009 0281 IMG 49991 IMG 50021 IMG 50041 IMG 50051 Web site Feb 2013 10 cars 01028829 392350883642 4194110 n28829 392356093642 2687753 n323083 10150460974313643 1723918880 o334983 10150460965293643 143700333 o1560641 765346846891083 7117023963021953346 n1780639 10152239818868643 423205183 n1798419 10152239812358643 255243434 n1975248 10152239814463643 1178097256 n10013832 10152244371693643 1899114044 n10655246 10152889927053643 9029093896987522043 o10679805 10152889927498643 6604584592200658540 oBarry Wood Fox

fox trot

Made by and provided courtesy of Jim Derreth
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HeliocpterHorse Trailer 2 DSC2917 DSC3085 DSC3086 DSC3088 DSC3090 DSC3091 DSC3092 DSC3093 DSC3095 DSC3097 DSC3098 DSC3099 DSC3101 DSC3103 DSC3104 DSC3106 DSC3108 DSC3109 DSC3113 DSC3114 DSC3168 DSC3170 DSC3171 DSC3174 DSC3177 DSC3178 DSC3180 DSC3182 DSC3184 DSC3185 DSC3186 DSC3189 DSC3191 DSC3193 DSC3194 DSC3197magnumsmart car DSC3198 DSC3200 DSC3201 DSC3203


 More to Come DSC3203

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If you have copies of: your Baltimore Police Department Class Photo, Pictures of our Officers, Vehicles, Equipment, Newspaper Articles relating to our department and or officers, Old Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, and or Brochures. Information on Deceased Officers and anything that may help Preserve the History and Proud Traditions of this agency. Please contact Retired Detective Kenny Driscoll.

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How to Dispose of Old Police Items

Please contact Det. Ret. Kenny Driscoll if you have any pictures of you or your family members and wish them remembered here on this tribute site to Honor the fine men and women who have served with Honor and Distinction at the Baltimore Police Department. Anyone with information, photographs, memorabilia, or other "Baltimore City Police" items can contact Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. follow us on Twitter @BaltoPoliceHist or like us on Facebook or mail pics to 8138 Dundalk Ave. Baltimore Md. 21222


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