Street Name Changes

Baltimore Street Name Changes; ever so often we might read a news article, or have posted something with a street name that makes no sense. This is a list of Street names compiled and transcribed by Joel Weintraub. We are thankful for him and to the person that sent us the list to post and hopefully, better understand the stories on these pages.

1st 33rd W Mt Washington
1st Hanover  Fairfield
1st Ave Boston Mt Washington
1st Ave Frankfurst Ave Fairfield
1st Ave Maisel Fairfield
1st Ave Wendel Ave Rognel Hts
1st Ave N 33rd N Raspeburg
1st Ave NW Hilldale Ave
1st Ave W Rognel Rd Mt Washington
1st E Highland Ave Fairfield
1st La Knox Ct Raspeburg
2nd Ave Carbon Ave Fairfield
2nd Ave Joffre Gardenville
2nd Ave Ravendale Rd
2nd Ave N 34th N Morrell Park
2nd Ave N Ulman Ave Morrell Park
2nd E Baylis Fairfield
2nd E Burland East Brooklyn
2nd E Locklea Rd
2nd La Knox Ct
3rd 36th W
3rd Ave Sunbrook Ave
3rd Ave Thurmont Rd Morrell Park
3rd Ave   Brady Ave
3rd Ave E Danville Ave
3rd Ave E Leo
3rd Ave N 36th N
3rd Ave NW Violet Ave Morrell Park
3rd E Helendale
3rd E Tripp
3rd La Matthal La
4th Luddington
4th Vera
4th Ave Chesapeake Ave
4th Ave Flowerton Rd
4th Ave Renwick Ave
4th Ave N 37th N
4th Ave NW Springhill Ave
4th E Dean
4 1/2 23 1/2
5th Pollard
5th Weedon
5th Ave Bayonne Ave
5th Ave Holabird Ave
5th Ave Rokeby Rd
5th Ave N 38th N
5th Ave NW 41st N
5th Ave W Armory Pl
5th E Eaton
5th La Stockholm E
5th W Ashburton
6th Harman Ave
6th Kavon Ave
6th Rempley?
6th Ave   Sidehill Rd
6th Ave E Galena Ave
6th E Fagley
7th Ave Seminole Ave Waverly
7th E Fairfield Rd
7th E Findlay Rd
7th E Grundy
7th E Parksley Ave
8th Wilmington Ave
8th   Tate
8th Ave Jencks Ave
8th Ave N Roland Heights Ave
8th E Haven
9th Sun
9th Wilmington Ave
9th Ave Keith Ave
9th E Iris
10th Wickes Ave Brooklyn
10th Ave E Leland Ave Canton
10th E Janney Fairfield
10th W Ellamont S Westport
11th   Lettitia Ave Raspeburg
11th Ave E Mertens Ave
11th E Kresson
12th   Casadel Ave Fairfield
12th Ave E Newport Ave E Brooklyn
12th E Lehigh Rognel Hts
13th Ave Macon
13th E Macon Raspeburg
13th E Morrell Park Ave Mt Washington
14th E Newkirk
15th E Oldham Raspeburg
16th E Ponca Rognel Hts
17th E Quail Fairfield
18th Rappallo
19th E Savage E Brooklyn
20th E Tolna Canton
21st E Umbra Rognel Hts
22nd E Vail
23rd E Woburn
24th E Yarmouth
25th E Anglesea Morrell Park
26th  E Bonsal Gardenville
26th E Ponca Fairfield
27th E Cornwall Rognel Hts
28th E Drew
29th E Elrino Rognel Hts
30th Friendship Fairfield
31st E Grimsby Morrell Park
32nd E Hornel Canton
34th E Joplin
35th E Kane Morrell Park
36th E Lyons
37th E Malvern
38th Nome
39th E Ogden Morrell Park
40th E Plenden
41st E Quinton
A Kendall Rd Brooklyn
A Ave Hampnett Ave Brooklyn
Abel Clagett Al
Adams Al Trenton
Adams Ave Adrian Ave
Adams Ave Homewood Ave
Albion Alley Brexton Alley
Albion Ave Catalpha Rd
Aldeber Blythewood
Allan/AllenAve Classen Ave
Alritta Ave Carroll
Alrutken Ave Silver Hill Ave Roland Park
Alto Ave Alton Ave
Alto Ave Elm Ave
Altona Ave Evergreen Ave
Altoona Rd Alamo Road Long Island
Anglewood Ave Holder Ave
Ann N  Rutland Ave Lauraville
Ann St Ct Lamley
Annapolis Ave  Annabel Ave
Annapolis Ave   Hanover  
Anthony Barnes
Arbutus Ave Louise Ave
Ardmore Ave Craig Ave
Argonne Ave Cardiff Ave English Consul
Arlington 43rd Brooklyn
Arlington Cambria Colgate
Arundel Stoll Ave Raspeburg
Arundel Ave Arsan Ave Dorchester Hts
Ash Ashley Ave
Ash Ave Oakington
Ashburton Ave Sequoia Ave
Ashland Ave Winslow Road
Ashton Ave Ashurst Ave
Aspen Ave Pinewood Ave
Asquith Ct Sapp
Athol Ter Adelle Ter
Atlantic Ave Cresmont Ave
Atlantic Ave Kentucky Ave
Atlantic Ct Moyer  
Augusta Ave  Arabia Ave
Augusta Ave NW Clifton Ave
Avondale Ter  Avondale Ave
Avondale Ter  Clover Rd
B Alpine Rd
B Ave Elsrode Ave
Baker Ave Bagley Ave Howard Park
Baker Ct Wagon Al Hamilton
Ballou Bank Street Ct Lauraville
Baltimore  English Consul Ave W Forest Park
Baltimore & Liberty Tpk Old Liberty Rd
Baltimore Ave Vernon Ave Curtis Bay
Baltimore Ave  Baltic Ave
Baltimore Ave  Danville
Baltimore Ave  Mary Ave Govans
Baltimore Ave  Puget Lakeland
Balto and Liberty Turnpike Old Liberty Rd
Bank Park Ave
Bank Ave Banger
Bank La Wilkes Al
Barclay Ave Reardon
Barclay Pl Princeton Pl
Barnet Clay
Barnum (Av) 28th E Brooklyn
Barnum Ave Cliftview Ave
Barranger Ct Melrose Al
Bartlett Ave Reardon
Bath St Viaduct Orleans St Viaduct
Baxter Grove
Beach Ave Beethoven
Beaufort Alley Clay
Beauregard Alameda Curtis Bay
Beech Benhill Ave
Beech Ave Dulin
Beech Ave Eccleston
Beech Ave Gwynn Falls Pkwy Forest Park
Beech Ave (Part) Beethoven
Beechwood Ave Alisa
Beechwood Rd Benhurst
Belle Ave Palatk Ave Forest Park
Belleview Ave Glenarm Ave
Bellwood Ave Westfield Ave
Belmont Ave Bonaparte Ave
Belmont Ave Buchanan
Belmont Ave  Bonaparte Ave
Belmont Ave  Bosworth Ave
Belmont Ave  Carter Ave Roland Park
Belmont Ave  Hampnett Ave
Belmont Ave  Marmon Ave
Belmont Ave  Olympia Ave
Belmont Ave  Pontiac Ave
Belmont Rd Catalpha Rd
Belt Worsley
Belt Ave N Gill
Belvedere Ave Northern Pkwy
Belvedere Ave  Breckenridge Ave
Belvedere Ave  Brohawn Ave
Benson Buena Vista Ave Graceland Park
Benson Ave Rubin Ave
Berkley Alley Ploy Alley
Berkley Ave Northern Pkwy Brooklyn
Bethel Pl Apple Ct Franklin ton
Bethel Pl Portugal Windsor Hills
Bethlehem Cardiff Ave
Beulah Ave Pinkney Rd
Beverly Ave Hempnett Ave
Bey Bay
Birch   Birchner
Birch Ave Birchview Ave
Blackberry Alley Lemmon
Blithewood Ave Oakdale Rd Curtis Bay
Bloom Ct Mission Ct Westport
Blucher Ave Wellington Overlea
Bohemia Ct Boden Ct Brooklyn
Bokse Ellsworth
Bolton Al Bouldin Al
Born Alley Born Ct Hampden
Bouldin Al Brunt
Boundary Ave 42nd E Brooklyn
Boundary Ave North Ave
Bowen Sargeant Woodberry
Bower Hare N Mt Winans
Bowley Lane  Hunter Alley Govans
Box Sutton Lauraville
Bradley Ct Asbury Ct
Brady Ave 28th E
Branch Ave  Fairhaven Ave
Brehm's Ct Brendle Ct Curtis Bay
Brick Hill Darby Brooklyn
Brick Hill Oakington
Brighton Brewer
Broadway Al Iron Al Lakeland
Broadway Ct Congress Ct
Broadway NW Worth Lauraville
Bromley Ave Elsrode Ave
Brook Green Rd Hill Top Rd
Brookline Ave Dorchester Rd Woodhome Hts
Brookline Ave  Wallis Ave
Brooks 27th E
Brooks Al Sweet Air Curtis Bay
Brooks Ave Traction Belmar
Broring Ave Kenyon Ave
Brosius Ave Woodcrest Ave
Brown Al Groome Al
Brown La McPhail Dundalk
Bruce Ter Winslow Ct Lauraville
Brunswick Ave Brundige Ave
Brunt Ct Mission Ct
Buchanan Brentwood Ave Curtis Bay
Bucks Ave Hayward Ave
Bucks Lane Rogers Ave Overlea
Burns Clifford Gardenville
Burns Ave Clear Spring Rd Belgravia
Buschman Ave Gibbons Ave Mt Washington
Butcher Lane Garrison Lane
Butchers Row Retreat
Butler Al Bevan
Butler Ct Bottle Al
C Cable
Calhoun Ct Born Ct
California Ave Carleview Ave
Callaway Ave Allendale
Callaway Place Callaway Ave
Calvert Al McAleer Ct
Calvert Ct Stone Al
Calverton Ave Lauretta Ave
Calvin Al Pothouse Al Govans
Calvin Al Pothouse Al
Calvin Pl Mura
Camden Al Camel Al
Camden La Cyprus Al
Camden Lane Sutton
Camel Al Camel Al
Camel-Alley Ct Camlet Ct
Campbell Archer
Canal Central Ave
Cannon Milton Ave
Canterbury Lane Canfield Rd Raspeburg
Canton Ave Fleet
Capron Ave Upland Rd
Car Al Ackworth
Carlisle Pl Carlyle Pl
Carlisle Pl/Carlyle Place Ellsworth Parkville
Carnegie Ave   Dundalk Ave
Carolina Rd Roselawn Ave Bellview
Carrie Ave Marguerite Ave Hampden
Carroll  Cambria
Carroll Ave  Carmine Ave
Carroll Ave NE Ethelwood La
Carroll Ave SW Leeds
Carroll NW Benson Pl Eutaw Hts
Carroll Rd  Queens Anne Road
Carroll Rd  Strathmore Ave
Carroll SW Leeds
Carrollton Stafford
Carter Brentwood Ave Norwood Hts
Carter Ave LaSalle
Carwell Ave Berry Gardenville
Cascara Monastery Ave
Castle Al Bohemia Ct
Castle Ct Book Ct
Cathbert Ave Cuthbert Ave
Cathedral Al North Al
Catherine N Fox
Caton Av Maidens Choice Ln
Causeway Wheeler Ave
Cecil NE Sanford Pl
Cedar  Ceddox
Cedar  Cedley
Cedar  Cedonia
Cedar  Cedrus Gardenville
Cedar Ave Calumet Ave Gardenville
Cedar Ave Wyman Park Dr
Cedar Ave  Keswick Rd Morrell
Cedar Ct St Barnabas Ct
Cedar La Fir Lane
Cedar Rd Cedric Rd
Cemetery Ave Faith La
Central Ave  Cannery Ave
Central Ave  Keystone Ave
Central Ave  Richard Ave
Central Ave Ct Hempel Ct
Central Ave NW Keyworth
Centre  Aspen
Centre  Harmon Ave
Centre Al Kimmell Al
Centre Ave  Craig Ave Gardenville
Centre Ave  Winthrope Ave Overlea
Centre-Market Market Pl Parkville
Chancery Chancery Rd
Chapanoke Rd Grindon Ave
Chapel Al Bohemia Ct
Chapel Ct Lamley
Chapel Lane Evans Rd
Chapman Ave Stuart Ave
Chappell School
Chappell Al Monastery Al
Charles  Charleston
Charles  Chart Ave Curtis Bay
Charles Ave  Arabia Ave Mt Washington
Charles Ave  Hampnett Ave Hamilton
Charles Ave  Huron
Charles Rd St Charles Ave
Charles St-Ave Charles N Ten Hills
Charlotte Ave  Charlton Ave Govans
Charlotte Ave  Oswego Ave
Chase Ave Benhurst Rd Lauraville
Chatham Rd (art) Chambers Rd
Chelsea Ave Chelsea Ter
Cherry Ave  Citrus Ave
Cherry Ave  Glenmore Ave
Cherry Lane Halwyn Ave
Chesapeake Ave Piedmont Ave Mt Washington
Chesapeake Ave  Kenwood Ave Parkville
Chesapeake N Kenwood Ave Lakeland
Cheseapeak Av Piedmont
Chester  Bessemer Ave
Chester Ave Catalpha Rd
Chester Ct Dietrich Ct Glenmore Park
Chester Pl Chestle Pl
Chester Rd Westchester Rd
Chestnut Champlain
Chestnut Colvin
Chestnut Al Bradley
Chestnut Al Denver
Chestnut Al Parkin Al
Chestnut Ave Elgin Ave
Chestnut Ave  Chesley Ave Mt Washington
Chestnut Ave  Crenshaw Ave Cheswolde
Chestnut Hill Ave  Raspe Ave Belgravia
Chestnut Hill Rd Enslow Ave Brooki
Chestnut Park Ave Sycamore Rd Curtis Bay
Chestnut Rd Chesholm Rd Raspeburg
Chestnut-Al Ct Asbury Ct Irvington
Chetilat Ave/Chetelat Mayview Ave Gardenville
Chew Ashland Ave
Chuch Ct Stone Al Mt Winans
Church Ave Coolidge Ave
Church La Lovegrove Al
Church La Rectory Lane Hamilton
Church Lane  Orkney Rd Howard Park
Church W Summerfield
Ciconia Ave Glenoak Ave
Claggett Wells
Clairmont Ave Claremont
Clara Claret Al W Arlington
Clara Monroe S Morrell Park
Clare Clear   Forest Park
Clarendon Ave Eldorado Ave
Clark Alley Freys Alley
Clark Ave Woodlawn Dr
Clark Ct Clerk Ct
Clark Ct Grier Ct Cedarcroft
Clarke Ave Fairlawn Ave
Clarkson Alley Clarkson Brooklyn
Clayton Rd Fairfax Rd Dorchester Hts
Cleveland Ave Henneman Gardenville
Cleveland Ave  Ready Ave
Clifford Ave English Consul Ave
Clifton Al Canal Al
Clifton Pl Constitution
Clifton Pl Eareckson Pl Brooklyn
Clinton Alley Cider Alley
Clinton Ave Perkins Ave
Clinton Ct Clyde
Clipper Ave Millrace Rd
Clover Ave Cloville Ave
Cloverdale Ave Clydesdale Ave
Coakley Ave Forest Park Ave
Cockran Alley/Cochran Alley Mince Alley Hampden
Cole Ave  Chrysler Ave
Cole Ave  White Ave
Colgate Ave Leaverton Ave
Colleen Rd Graue Ave Curtis Bay
College Alley Ploy Alley
College Rd Colleen Rd
Collins Weaver
Collins Ave  Glenoak Ave Dundalk
Collins Ct Elbow Ct
Collins Ct Rock Hamilton
Columbia Ave Washington Blvd Lakeland
Columbia Ave  Kaven Ave
Colvin Ave Carwell Ave
Concord Wagner Hamilton
Connecticut Nanticoke
Connecticut Paine
Cook Ct Spark Ct Belmar
Cooke Laurens Govans
Cooper Pl Dover
Copley Ave Cordelia Ave
Cornhill Rd Menlo Drive Norwood Hts
Cornwall Broening Hamilton
Cottage Ave Cottman Ave
Cottage Ave NE Gutman Ave
Cottage Ave SW Kingsley
Courtland St Paul Place
Cove Fremont Ave
Cove Martin Luther King Jr
Crawford Venable Ave
Creston Stafford
Cromwell Homewood Ave
Cross Al Pierce Brooklyn
Cross Alley Camel
Cross Ave Kavon Ave
Cross Country Boulevard Wallis Ave
Cross NW 36th
Cross-St Ct Cooper Ct
Culver Ave Hampnett Ave Parkville
Cumberland Pl Allegany Pl
Curtis Alley Curfew Alley
Cypress Alley Sutton
Dale Ave Daywalt Ave
Dallas Ct Dawn Ct
Dallas Ct Nolan Al
Dalney Way Oaklyn Ave
Daniel Ct Dane Howard Pk
Davis Ave Wynner Ave
Dawson Harris Al Mt Washington
Dawson Al Otterbein
Decker Alley Deab Alley
Decker Ave  Hare Ave
Decker Ave  Heckel Ave
Delaware Ave  Marluth Ave
Delaware Ave NE Anthony Ave
Dennis Ave Carroll
Division Ave Parkington Ave
Division Ave Woodbrook Ave
Division N Sweet Air
Dock No 2 Olar
Doeller Ave Elsrode Ave
Donnelly Ct Lefferman Al
Donohue Ct Duker Ct Lauraville
Dorchester Ave Dupont Ave Mt Washington
Dorsey Lane Caton Ave
Druid Ave Ash  
Druid Heights Pimlico Blvd Curtis Bay
Druid Hill Ter Cloverdale Rd Overlea
Dulin Beech Hamilton
Duncan Lane Duncanwood Lane Morrell Park
Durham Ct Durham N Mt Washington
Dyer Dr Woodside Rd
East La Albany Al Belgravia
East Wood Ave Eastman Ave
Eden Ct Askew Al
Eden Ct H Alley
Eden-St Ct Nolan Al
Edgemere Ave Edgreen
Edgewood Ave  Greenhill Ave Violetville
Edgewood Ave  Ridgeview Ave
Edgewood Ave  Roselawn Ave
Edgewood Rd Rockspring Rd
Edgewood Way Remmel Ave
Edison Highway Loney's Lane
Edna Ave Morello Road Curtis Bay
Edward Edythe Lauraville
Elderslie Ave Ken Oak Road Hamilton
Elizabeth Lane Elkins Lane
Ellicot 37th
Ells Claggett
Ellwood Pl McDonough Mt Washington
Elm  Elmira
Elm  Elmtree
Elm Ave  Elmbank
Elmwood Ave Tramore Rd Cheswolde
Eloise Ave Elsrode Ave
Elrita Ave Carroll
Elsinor Ave  Charing Cross
Elsinor Ave  Rosebank Ave
Ely Fox
Embla Boxhill
Embla Park Notre Dame Station
Emmel Ave Southern Ave
Englewood Ave Engleton Ave
Enson Ave Burgess Ave
Ensor Ave Enson Ave Brooklyn
Erwin Irvington Hamilton
Etta Vista Ave Elsrode Ave
Euclid Ave  Enslow Ave
Euclid Ave  Eunice Ave Curtis Bay
Euclid Park Pl Reisterstown Rd
Eutaw Pierpont Lauraville
Eutaw Ave Parkside Dr Glenmore Park
Eutaw Ct Pierce Brooklyn
Evergreen Ave  Elderon Ave
Evergreen Ave  Everall Ave Cliffords
Evergreen Pl Spaulding Ave
Evergreen Ter Auchentoroly Ter Hamilton
Ewing Ave Kentucky Ave
Exchange Pl Lombard
Exeter Ave Silver Hill Ave
Exeter Pl Silver Hill Ave
Fair Oak Ave 31st
Fairmont Ave W Montrose Cheswolde
Fairmount Lamley
Fairmount Ave  Arizona Ave Forest Park
Fairmount Rd  Fairbank Rd
Fairmount Rd  Fallstaff Rd
Fairview Ave Fairwood Ave
Fairview Ave McCarley
Fairview Ave  Fairdel Ave Dundalk
Fairview Ave  Fairhaven Ave
Fairview Ave  Fairwood Ave Lauraville
Fairview Ave  McCurley Mt Washington
Fairview Ave  Wilshire Ave Woodberry
Fairview Ave NE St Thomas Ave
Falls Maisel Lakeland
Falls Road Ter Falls Rd
Fawn Hill Ave Fount Hill Ave Curtis Bay
Fayette A621Ave Mannasota Ave Mt Winans
Federal Ct Morton Hamilton
Federal Pl Maderia Lauraville
Ferndale Ave  Fernbank Ave Heathbrook Park
Ferndale Ave  Fernpark Ave
Fernwood Ave Hudson
Finney Rd Findlay Rd Cedarcroft
Fish House Rd Waterview Ave
Florence Dukeland
Florence No 2 Flora Howard Park
Font Hill Ave Fount Hill Ave
Ford Ave Brendan Ave Mt Winans
Fordham Rd Wynham Rd Hamilton
Forest Ave  Chesley Ave Curtis Bay
Forest Ave  Fendall Rd Woodberry
Forest Ave  Forest Hill Ave Govans
Forest Ave  Forest Park Ave
Forest Ave NW Coakley Ave Roland Park
Forest Ave NW Fowler Ave Mt Washington
Forest Path Fordney Lane
Forrest Ave N Mallory Ave
Forrest Park Walbrook Mt Winans
Forrest Pl Forrest Govans
Forrest W Furrow Overlea
Forrester Ave Arabia Ave
Foster Ave  Clear Spring Rd
Fountain Alley Burkett Ct
Fowler Ave W Biltmore Ave
Franklin Frankle
Franklin Ave Frank Ave Orangeville
Franklin Ave Frankford Ave Violetville
Franklin La Bowly Hamilton
Franklin Rd Franklintown Rd Mt Winans
Franklin Ter 41st Arlington
Frankmer Ave Lucille Lakeland
Frankmore Ave Beaufort Ave E Brooklyn
Frederick   Freeman
Frederick Hts Ave Parksley Ave Curtis Bay
French La Water
Frieda Ave Alcyon Ave Woodberry
Frieda Ave Halcyon Ave
Friendsbury McKean Ave Overlea
Friendship 30th N
Friendship Freeland Hamilton
Friendship Al Tenpin Al Violetville
Friendship Ct Askew Al
Frisby   Matthews Mt Washington
Frisby Ave Frisby Mt Washington
Front  Seneca
Front NW Pacific
Fryer Ave Woodlawd
Fuller Al Baker Al Mt Winans
Fulton Al Berkeley Al
Fulton Ter Kavanaugh
Furley Sq St Thomas Ave
Gallagher Ct Duker Ct Brooklyn
Garden Linden Ave Cheswolde
Garrett al Branch Al
Garrett Ave N Valley
Garrett Ave S Reynolds Brooklyn
Garrett S Voyce Westport
Garrison Hazel Mt Washington
Garrison Blvd Garrison Ave Raspeburg
Garrison Lane Franklintown Rd
Gebb Ave Richard Ave Dundalk
Gelston Ct Clay Dorchester Hts
George Brown Ave Morrell Park
George Al Wilmer Al Curtis Bay
George Alley Wilmer Ct Raspeburg
George Ave Arabia Ave Raspeburg
George Ave Vance Ave
George N Crisp
Georgia Ave Auburn Ave
German Redwood Dundalk
German Ave Moyer Ave
German Lane Hamlet Ave
German Lane Maple Ave Bancroft Park
Gilmor La Vineyard La
Girard 28th W
Girard 39th N
Girard Ave 28th  
Girard Ave Federal Violetville
Girard Ter Hunter Lauraville
Glen Ave  Glenmore Ave
Glen Ave  Ivanhoe Ave Dundalk
Glenmore Ave Ken Oak Road
Glenvale Ave Glenoak Ave Glenmore Park
Glenwood  Hazlett Ave
Glenwood Ave Greenhill Ave
Glenwood Ave Pelham Ave
Glover Al Glover Brooklyn
Glynwood Ave Eugene Ave Mt Washington
Goldsmith Ave Hargest La Lakeland
Goodman Al Olive
Goodwood Rd Goodwood Gardens
Gordon Lane Quantice Ave Govans
Gould La Water Curtis Bay
Goulds Ct Pepper Ct
Govans York Road
Gra-bro Ave Oaklawn Ave
Grace Ave Ridgehill Ave
Grace Ct Jasper Glenmore Park
Graham Grady Howard Park
Grant Ave Willow Ave Curtis Bay
Grasty Ave Kenwood Rd
Green Ct Sassafras Ct
Green Lane Blanchard Lane Lauraville
Greenbrier Ave Moravia Ave Westport
Greenwillow Ct Wilmer Al Dundalk
Greenwood Ave NW Ruscombe Lane
Greenwood Lane Hickory Ave
Griffins Ct Choptank Ct
Griffiss Ct Griffith Al
Griffith Ave 26th N Curtis Bay
Grindall Ct Crandall Ct Kenilworth
Grindon Ave Fairdel Ave Curtis Bay
Grindon Ave Grenton Ave Mt Washington
Grove Benney
Grove Streeper N Norwood Hts
Grove Al Streeper   W Arlington
Grove Ave Christopher Ave
Grove Ave Ivanhoe Ave
Guilford Al Quay Al
Guilford Pl McAllister Overlea
Guilford Pl Townsend Ct Mt Winans
Gunter Grimsby Morrell Park
Gwynn's Falls Road Wetherville Road Curtis Bay
H Al Hubbard Al
Hagan Ct Gelgam Al Gardenville
Hall Al Mince Al
Halycon Park Rd Halycon Ave
Hamilton Ave Howard Park Ave Govans
Hamilton Ct Hamlet Ave Guilford
Hamilton Rd Greenberry Road
Hamilton Terrace Eutaw N
Hammond Al Duker Al Hamilton
Hammond Ave Lake Ave
Hampden Ave Berry Hamilton
Hampstead Fairmount Ave   Lauraville
Harbor City Blvd Martin Luther King Jr Forest Park
Hargest Ave Aisquith
Harmon Alley Harden Ct Mt Washington
Harmony La Sarah Ann Violetville
Harris Streeper
Harris Alley Belnord Ave Curtis Bay
Harrison N Valley
Hart's Lane Hartz Alley Mt Winans
Harwood Ave Lorraine Ave Gardenville
Harwood Ct Harmony Ct Parkville
Hawthorne Ave Chatham Rd
Hawthorne Rd Wisteria Ave Woodhome Hts
Hayward  Hayes
Henderson Venable Ave
Henrietta Ave Catalpha Rd Ten Hills
Henrietta N Brant
Henry Appleby Ave
Henry Ct Harry Ct Howard Park
Herbert Alley Waldo Ct
Hess Ct Hessman Ct
Hickory Locust
Hickory Rosemont Ave
Highfield Highfield Rd
Highland Mondawmin
Highland Ave Highland Rd Curtis Bay
Highland Ave Highman Ave Govans
Highland Ave Mondawmin Ave Hamilton
Highland Ave Wexford Rd Violetville
Hill Glenwood Ave Belgrave
Hill Hillvet Woodberry
Hill Rd Highbee Rd Brighton
Hill Top Rd Cross Country Blvd
Hillcrest Drive Highwood Drive
Hillcrest Rd Mondawmin Ave Forest Pk
Hillside Ave Hamlin Ave
Hillside Dr Hilledge Dr Morrell Park
Hillside Rd Harkins Rd Westport
Hillside Rd  Burleith Ave Graceland Park
Hilton Way Eugene Ave Dundalk
Hoffman 29th Division
Hoffman La Phelps La
Hoffman Pl Keyser
Hoffman's Lane Phelps Lane Curtis Bay
Hogg Al Burkett Ct Govans
Hohenhoff Parkway Weldon Ave
Holbrook Ave Watkinson Ave Lakeland
Holland Lexington E
Holland Al Wilcox
Holland Ct Hubbard Al Dundalk
Holly Hoitot Claremont
Holly Ave Morrella Rd
Holmes 29th E
Homeland Ave Eunice Ave Hamilton
Homeland Ave Griffin Pl
Homeland Ave  Menlo Drive
Homestead Ave Kavon Ave
Homewood Ave NW 29th N Hamilton
Hooper Ave Forge Ave Violetville
Hooper Ct O'Brien Ct
Hope al Durst Al Woodberry
Hope Ave Hopeton  Ave Woodberry
Hopkins Ave E Ann
Hopkins Ave W Brantly Mt Washington
Horn Henneman Overlea
Horseshoe Al Gail Al Mt Washington
Howard Ave  Cylburn Ave
Howard Ave  Howarth Ave Cedarcroft
Howard Ave  Linden Hts Ave
Howard Ave  Rusk Ave Brooklyn
Howard Pl Boarman Ave Govans
Hudson Al Shiek Al
Hudson Alley Shirk Alley
Hughes Ct Home Ct Govans
Hull Al May Govans
Hull's Addition Hullville
Hunter Al Hunter
Hunter Pl 20th N Mt Washington
Hurstleigh Road Woodbrook Lane Curtis Bay
Hutton Rd Talbott Rd Cedarcroft
Iceland Eislen Roland Park
Idaho Ave Iverson Ave Curtis Bay
Iris Ipswich Mt Washington
Irvine Pl Register N E Brooklyn
Irving Dover
Irving Ave Collins Ave Gardenville
Irvington Ave Augusta Ave
Ivanhoe Pl Ivanhoe Ave
Ivy Alley Pleasant Morrell Park
Jackson Jack Curtis Bay
Jackson Al Parsonage Al Woodberry
Jackson Ave Hilltop Ave St Helena
Jackson Ct Born Al Morrell Park
Jackson Ct Lina Ct
Jackson E Matthew Cheswolde
Jackson N Abbotston Govans
Jackson Pl Register N
James Jamison
James Ave Bainfield Ave
James Ave Mainfield Ave Curtis Bay
James La Patapsco
James Rd Linden Hts Ave Parkville
Jefferson Jeffrey Belgrave
Jefferson Ct Lewis Hamilton
Jefferson N Homestead Windsor Hills
Jefferson Pl McJilton Mt Washington
Jefferson St Ct Sapp Mt Washington
Jenkins Ave S Harwell Ave Gardenville
Jenkins La Taylor
Jephson Dickman
Jew Alley NE Ajax Al
Jew Alley W Nero Glenmore Park
John Preston Hamilton
John Ave Joples Ave/Joplea Cedarcroft
John Ct Enon Al Belmar
Johnson Al Moyer Ave Govans
Johnson Ave Embla Ave Curtis Bay
Jones Ave Fugle
Jordan Ave Christopher Ave Gardenville
Jordan W Ashburton Hamilton
Jordan-Alley Ct Rhein Ct
Josephine Ct Josephine
Kate Ave Boarman Ave
Kate Ave Cold Spring Lane W
Kaufman Pl Gorman Ave Lauraville
Keene Lane Keeler Lane Parkville
Kelly Pl Crowther Al
Ken Oak Ave Ken Oak Rd
Ken Oak Rd Northern Pkwy W Mt  Winans
Kennedy Ave Berkley Ave
Kennedy La Adams Mt Winans
Kensington Ave Kenshaw Ave
Kent Al Hogg Al
Kent Ave Lyndhurst Ave
Kents Ct Burkett Ct Hamilton
Kenwood Ave E Kenwood Ave N
Kernwood Ave/Rd Crowson Ave
Key Ave Cheswolde
Keyser Llewellyn
Kimberly Ave Eastbourne Ave
King 31st W
Kirk Dorn Dorchester Hts
Kirk Al Manse Al
Knox Al Cove Al Curtis Bay
Knox Ave Grindon Ave
Krebs Ave Crest Rd Parkville
Kuper Pl Dover
Lake Ave Lane Ave
Lake Ave N 27th N
Lake Drive NE Lake Montebello Dr Mt Winans
Lakewood Ave Lakeland Ave Fairfield
Lamond Finck Ct E Brooklyn
Larew Al Tyson
Laurel Fairmount W Mt Winans
Laurel Hazel
Laurel Laurey Belgravia
Laurel Ave Laurelton Ave Raspeburg
Lauretta Ave Elsrode Ave
Lauretta Ave Loretto Ave
Lawrence Ave Lawndale Ave
Leadenhall Ct Wagner's Ct Hamilton
Lehrman Al Bornal Al
Leloup Birkhead
Lemmon Ct Lemmon
Lemon Alley Short Alley
Lenox Ave Lenton Ave
Liberty Bloomingdale Dorchester Hts
Liberty Al Courtney
Liberty Heights Rd Windsor Mill Rd
Liberty N Ellerslie
Liberty Rd Liberty Heights Ave Govans
Liberty Rd Windsor Mill Road
Light Al Telephone Al
Lillian Ave Silver Hill Ave
Limond Finck Ct
Lincoln Ct Borden Ct
Linden Langley
Linden Al Garden
Linden Ave  Laurelton Ave
Linden Ave  Lindsay
Linden Ave  Linhill Ave Hampd
Linden Ave  Linworth Ave Mt Winans
Linden La Cairnes La Lauraville
Linthicum Ave Chesterfield Ave
Linwood Ave Deepdene Rd
Linwood Ave Finck Ct Lauraville
Linwood Ave Ken Oak Rd
Little Broadway Narroway Ct
Little Church Church
Little Gough Rogers Ave
Little Monument Monument Rognel Hts
Little Parkin Archer
Little Pine Pine Howard Park
Little Pleasant Pleasant La Beaumont
Little Second Water
Little Sharp Sharp N
Little Sterrett Sterrett
Little Wilson Carson Ct
Lloyd Ave Milford Ave Parkville
Locust Ontario Ave
Locust Ave Alhambra Ave
Locust Ave NE Pinewood Ave Mt Washington
Loney's Lane Edison Highway
Lorman Al Dobson Ct
Loyola Heights Ave Quantico Ave
Lucile Ave Frankmer Lauraville
Ludwig Lane Cottage Ave Curtis Bay
Lyndale Rd Lynchester Rd Hamilton
Madison Ave Madison
Madison N Montpelier Lauraville
Magnolia Ave Bloomfield Ave
Magnolia Ave Elsrode Ave
Main Maisel
Main Reistertown Rd English Consul
Main Ave Puget
Maine Ave Mainfield Ave Ten Hills
Maine Ave NE Benton Heights Ave
Mallory Ave Highfield Rd
Maple Montevedeo Mt Winans
Maple Ave Hamlet Ave
Maple Ave Hoff Mt Washington
Maple Ave Malden Ave
Maple Ave Mapleton Ave
Maple Ave Martingale Ave
Maple Ave Northern Pkwy
Maple Ave Vincennes Ave Hamilton
Maple Ave Windsor Ave
Maple Ave  Fairlawn Ave
Maple Ave  Hamlet Ave Brooklyn
Maple Ave  Hineline Rd Brooklyn
Maple Ave  Kenway Rd
Maple Ave  Maple Park Ave Mt Winans
Maple Ave  Maywood Ave
Maple Ave  Thornbury Rd Brooklyn
Maple Park Ave Franklintown Rd
Maple Pl Mapleton Ave
Maplewood Ave Frisby
Market Wicomico
Marlow Marlow Rd
Marriot Dulany Mt Washington
Marriott Dulaney
Marshall Ave Light
Marshall Ct Marsden Ct
Martin Ave Berkeley Ave
Martin Ct Vernal Ct Belgravia
Mary Woodbrook Av
Mary Anna Ashton Curtis Bay
Mary Anna Ramsey
Mary Ave Woodbrook Ave Curtis Bay
Mary Terrace Traction
Maryland  Maude Ave
Maryland Ave Annapolis Rd Hamilton
Maryland Ave Clover Rd
Maryland Ave Greenhill Ave
Maryland Ave University Pkwy
Maryland Ave  Duluth Ave
Maryland Ave  Mardel Ave
Maryland Ave  Mendell Ave
Mason Matson Alley
May Ave  Kaven Ave
May Ave  Mayberry Ave
May St Ct Silver Ct
Mayfield Ave Maxwell Ave Mt Winans
Maynadier Lane Marjorie Lane
McAllister Ct Webb Hamilton
McCabe Ct Sumwalt Ct Lauraville
McCann Eastbourne Ave Parkville
McCulloh Alley Tiffany Alley W Arlington
McDonald Ave Richard Ave
McElderry Ct N Hubbard Al
McHenry Ave Woodcrest Ave Embla Park
McJilton Huntington Ave Waverly
McKim Homewood
McKim Ct St John's Al
McTavish McTeague
McTavish Ave Runnymede Rd
Meadow Ave Mary Ave
Melrose Alley Born Ct Eutaw Hts
Melrose Ave Memphis Ave Glenmore Park
Melvale Ave Cold Spring Lane  
Melvale Ave Parkdale Ave St Helena
Melvin Ave Beaufort Ave Irvington
Mercer Alley Pierce Parkville
Meriwent Ave Wentworth Rd
Merryman Ave 40th Lauraville
Merryman Ave University Pkwy Forest Park
Meyer Ct Comb Al
Meyer Ct Stump Al
Middle Horton Ave
Midwood Ave Sulgrave Ave
Miller Al Duker Al Parkville
Miller Ave Steever Govans
Milton Ave Huron
Milton Pl Bradley
Mine Bank Lane Rose N
Monastery alley Montague Alley
Monmonier Ct Duker Ct
Monroe Ave Minerva Ave
Montebello Ave  Loch Raven Rd
Montebello Ave  Montebello Ter
Montebello Ave  Montehill Ave
Montebello Drive Lake Montebello Drive
Monteverde Ave Spaulding Ave
Montgomery Ave Mohawk Ave
Montgomery Ave Monticello Rd
Montrose Fairmount W
Monument Ct Mentor Ct
Moore Ct Deluot Ct
Morris Ave Waldheim
Morton Merrill
Morton Ave Arbutus Ave
Morton Ave Ferndale Ave
Mount Ct Vine
Mount Vernon Paine
Mount Vernon Ave Sisson
Muesson Ave Christopher Ave
Mullikin Al April Al
Mullikin Ct Hogg Al
Myrtle ave Murial Ave
Myrtle Ave NW Walbrook Ave
Myrtle Pl Noble
Nevada Lane Neola Lane
New Boundary Ave 42nd
New Church Wyoming
New Liberty Rd Windsor Mill Rd
Newington Pl Parrish N
Newport Ave  Newgate Ave
Nicholson Ave Pilgrim Rd
Norfolk Norwich
Norman Ave Danville Ave
Norman Ave Normandy Ave
Norman Ave Wilvan Ave
Norris Ave Pinkney Rd
North Guilford
North Guilford Ave
North Nora
North Talbott
North Al Conner Al
North Ave Ivanhoe Ave
North Ave Northbridge Ave
North Ave Sulgrave Ave
North Rd Nortonia Rd
Northeast East Ave
Northwest Westwood
Norwood Ave Chapelgate Lane
Norwood Ave Hillsdale Rd
Norwood Ave Normal Ave
Norwood Ave Norman Ave
Numsen Alley Camel
O Al Shad Al
Oak Brook Ave
Oak Carroll
Oak Filbert
Oak Howard N
Oak Ave Malcolm La
Oak Ave  Omaha Ave
Oak Ave  Ottawa Ave
Oak Ave  Pinehurst Ave
Oak Lane Pinerust Rd
Oak Pl Canterbury Rd
Oak Pl  Oakleaf Ave
Oak Rd Olney Rd
Oakdale Ave Oakview Ave
Oakdale Ave NE Odell Ave
Oakdale Pl Osborn Pl
Oakland Ave Glenmore Ave
Oakland Ave Morella Rd
Oakland Ave Oaklawn Rd
Oakley Rayner Ave
Oaksley Rd Oakshire Rd
Oakwood Ave Benson Ave
O'Donnell Ct Healey Ct
Old York Rd Ready Ave
Olive Olmstead
Olive Ct Seim Ct
Oliver Montreal
Oliver Pl Union Ave
Oliver Pl E Keyser
Orchard Lind
Orchard Ave Plainfield Ave
Orchard Ave Rosalle Ave
Oread Ave Garrison Ave
Orem Park Pl Mondawin Ave
Ork Rd Montebello Ave
Orleans Extention Brick Row
Ostend Ave Chesley Ave
Ostend Ave Forest Ave W
Overhill Ave Overcrest Ave
Overhill Rd Overdale Rd
Overland Ave Druid Hill Park Dr
Overlook Rd Overview Rd
Oxford Ave 27th N
Oxford Ave Rogers Ave
Oxford Ct Wilmer Al
Oyster Ct Trust Al
Paca Pl George
Packard Ave Ferndale Ave
Palatka Ave Belle Ave
Paradise Ct Smithson
Paradise Lane Oak Pl
Park Barnum Ave
Park Parcel
Park Ave Benninghaus Rd
Park Ave Louise Ave
Park Ave Parksley Ave
Park Ave Parkton Ave
Park Ave Parr Ave
Park Ave N Everhart
Park Ave W Parkside
Park Front Dr Winterbourne Rd
Park Pl Park Ave
Park Pl Parkwin Pl
Park Ter Cloverdale Rd
Parkton Ave Parkmont Ave
Parkwood Ave Parkman Ave
Parrish Pl Born Al
Patapsco Lakewood Ave
Patapsco Sidney Ave
Patapsco Ave Carnegie Ave
Patapsco Ave Creamer Al
Patapsco Ave Parnell Ave
Patapsco Ave Paton Ave
Patapsco Ct Harden Ct
Paton Ave Washington Ave
Patterson Pattern
Patterson Ave Orkney Rd
Patterson La Taylor
Patterson Pl Perlman Pl
Payson Pierpont
Peabody Chatham
Peabody Ave Peak Ave
Pearl Al Pearl
Peirce Pierce
Peirce Al Cherry Al
Peirce St Ct Cherry Al
Pembroke Ave Pendleton Ave
Penn Pin Al
Penn Ave Danville Ave
Penniman Ave Penfield Ave
Penrose Ave Landsdowne
Pfeffer Ct Pepper Ct
Philadelphia Rd Philadelphia Ave
Philpot Al Duke Al
Philpot Al Slemmer Al
Piedmont Rd Pilgrim Rd
Pierce Al Cherry Al
Pierce St Ct Cherry Al
Pimlico Park Heights Ave
Pinckney Ward
Pinkney Pl Pitman Pl
Pinoak Ave Arabia Ave
Pitcher Rd Job Ave
Pleasant Al Portugal Al
Pleasant La Pleasant W
Plover Alley Ploy Alley
Plum Row Plum Al
Plymouth Ave Portis Ave
Plymouth Rd Rockrose Ave
Point Breeze River View Park
Point Lane Angle Alley
Poplar Ave Dixon Rd
Poplar Ave Fleetwood Ave
Poplar Ave Poplin Ave
Poplar Lane Lake Ave N
Poplar Lane Northern Pkwy
Poplar Rd Fenton Rd
Potomac Ave Pontiac
Potter Al Pothouse Al
Potter Ave Powers
Powell Portage Ave
Powhatan Ave Woodlawn Ave
Powhatan Rd Windsor Hill Rd
Powhaton Rd Windsor Mill Rd
Pratt Ave Purdue Ave
Pratt's Lane Portage Ave
President Al Duker Al
Presstman Ave Prescott Ave
Preston Ave E Premier Ave
Preston Pl Prentiss Pl
Price Al Harmison
Price Al Nursery Al
Price Ct Kirsch Ct
Princeton Ave Sulgrave Ave
Prospect Ave Sisson
Prospect Ave N Pascal Ave
Prospect Ave N Prior Ave
Prospect Ave N Prosperry Ave
Prospect Ave N Providence
Prospect Ave N Prudence
Prospect Ave N Wexford Rd
Prospect Ave NW 24th N
Prospect Ave NW Schenley Rd
Prospect La Webb
Pulaski Asphalt
Pumpkin Hill Rd Ridge Top Rd
Quaker La Montebello Ave
Quick Ave LaSalle Ave
Raborg Fairmount Ave W
Race Potee
Railroad Severn
Railroad Ave Andard Ave
Railroad Ave Clipper Rd
Railroad Ave Ralls Ave
Railroad Ave Severn
Railroad Ave Whistler Ave
Randall Ave Woodcrest Ave
Ravenswood Ave Tunbridge Rd
Rectory Rd Regent Rd
Redmon Ct Redding Ct
Redwood German
Reese Al Creamer Al
Reese S Armour
Regester St Ct Short Al
Remington Pl Fox
Republic Frisby
Reynolds Ct Duffin Ct
Rice Alley Breidenbaugh Alley
Rice Alley Carlton
Rice Alley W+B1291right Al
Richmond Elmtree
Richmond Read W
Richmond Al Brexton Al
Richmond Ave Fleetwood Ave
Ridge Ave Ridgeview Ave
Ridge Rd Hutton Ave
Ridge Rd Ridgedale Rd
Ridgely Ave Whitney Ave
Ridgewood Ave Grace Ave
Ridgewood Ave Ridgecrest Ave
Ridgewood Ave Ridgehill Ave
RiverView Ave Elrine
Robert Ave Rieman E
Robinson Ct Griffin Ct
Rockdale Ave Bayonne
Rockwood Ave Nelson Ave
Rockwood Ave Pinewood Ave
Rogers Al Factory Al
Rogers Ave Ready Ave
Rose Ave Cedonia Ave
Rose Ave Frisby
Rose Ave Rosabel Ave
Rose Ct Bud Ct
Rose NW Camel Al
Rose Pl Camel
Rosedale Ave Benton Hts Ave
Rosedale Ave Roselawn Ave
Rosedale Pl Rosedale Rd
Rosedale Ter Collins Ave
Rosedale Ter Rosecroft Ter
Roseland Pl Herbert
Rosemary Ave Edna Ave
Roslyn Ave Fernbank AVe
Ross Druid Hill
Rugby Bowers Ave
Rupert Reppert
Russell Huron
Russell Ct McAleer Al
Russell Ter Hillock Al
Saratoga Ct Born Ct
Sassafras Hamburg
Sassafras Ct Sumwalt Ct
Saulisbury Ct Temple
Schaeffer Ct Dover
Schaffer Bayonne Ave
Schneider Ct Portugal
Schneider Ct Snyder Ct
School Ave Morello Rd
School Lane Elm Ave
Schott Orange Ct
Schroeder Ct Osing Ct
Sexton Ct Saxon Ct
Sharp Frank Ave
Shell Eutaw
Shirley Ave Shelby Ave
Sindall Franklin Ter
Singer Ave Garrison Ave
Sipple Ave Moyer Ave
Small E Barnes
Smith Ct Fruit Ct
Smith Ct Hampstead Ct
Smith Ct Hubbard Al
Smith NE Darley Ave
Snowden Ave Ednor Rd
Snowdown Ednor
Snyder Ct E Beale Ct
Somerset Somerworth
South Alder
South Ave Southport Ave
South La Sloan Ct
Spencer Ave Rockspring Rd
Spring Sponson
Spring Al Sterrett
Spring Al NE Spring N
Spring Ave Everall Ave
Spring Ave Springwood Ave
Spring Ct Dover
Spring Hill Ter Springfield Ave
Spruce Al Spark Ct
Spruce Ave Tramore Rd
St George's Rd Stamford Rd
St Helen Ave Rueckert Ave
St James Ct Lewis
St John's Ave Benton Hts Ave
St Mary Ave Rectory La
St Mary Ct Fruit Ct
St Mary Ct Seminary Ct
St Mary's Ave St Mark's Ave
St Paul Savoy
St Paul Ct St Elizabeth Ct
St Peter Caroll
Stafford La Ashburton
Stafford La Ellamont S
Stansbury La Oakford Ave
Starr Lane Boone
Stevens Al Pothouse Al
Stevens Al W Groome Al
Sticker Ct Vine
Stirling Ave Ready Ave
Stoddard Pl Stoddard Alley
Stoney Lane Mosby Ave
Suffolk Suffolk Rd
Summerfield Bloechers Lane
Summit Arunah Ave
Summit Ave Sumter Ave
Summit Pl Gernand Rd
Swan Plowman
Sycamore Buena Vista Ave
Sycamore Carroll
Sycamore Ave Hampnett Ave
Tacoma Ave Wallis Ave
Talbot Ave Hutton Rd
Talbott Brentwood Ave
Talbott Ct Apple Ct
Tames Ave Richard Ave
Taylor Kirk Ave
Taylor Ct Bohemia Ct
Taylor Ct Mullet Ct
Tenant Riggs Ave
Tenant Riggs Ave
Tenfoot Al Tenpin Al
Thames Ct Louden Ct
Third E Conkling
Thomas Ct De Vid Ct
Thompson Al Boyd
Thomsen Thompson
Thornton Ave Belle Ave
Thurmont Rd Colburne Rd
Thursby Ct Venable Ave
Tioga Ave Bowers Ave
Tioga Ave Midwood Ave
Tioga Pl Tioga Parkway
Tome Toone
Towanda Lane Towanda Ave
Townsend Ave 30th N
Townsend Pl Lafayette Ave
Townsend Pl Terrell Pl
Trinity Al Trine Al
Tudor Hall Ave Tudor Arms Ave
Tulip Ave Fleetwood Ave
Turner La Tirner La
Turner Pl Fawcett
Tusculum Rd Mondawmin Ave
Tyson Brexton Al
Tyson Tyrone
Uffington Rd Effington Rd
Uhler Balderston
Union Greenwillow
Union  Ct Mentor Ct
Union Al St Matthew
Union Ave DeSoto Rd
Union Ave NE Hope
Union Ave SW Lombard W
Union Ct Unity Ct
Upland Ave College Ave
Valley Ave Benhill Ave
Valley N Simpson
Valley Rd Grinddon Ave
Van Buren Robb
Vicker Coke Al
Vincent Ave Bayonne Ave
Vincent Ct Forney Al
Vine Alley Vine
Vine Ct Vine
Violet Alley Violin Alley
Violet Ave Viona Ave
Violetville Ave Haverhill Rd
Virginia Ave NE Remmel Ave
Virginia Pl Vinewood Pl
Vogt Ave Boarman Ave
Vonderhorst Lane Homestead
Wagon Rd Puget
Walbrook N Forest Park  
Walcott Ave Roxbury Pl
Waldheim Rd Winterbourne Rd
Walker Ct Waldo Ct
Walker Ct S Apricot Al
Walnut Walton
Walnut Al Walnut
Walnut Ave Marietta Ave
Walnut Ave Mortimer Ave
Walnut Lane Blackburn Lane
Walter  Waterbury
Walter  Waterloo
Walter Ave Wallington Ave
Wandsbeck Arlington
Warner Puget
Warner Pl Hopewell Ct
Washington Ave Columbia Ave
Washington Ave Washburn Ave
Washington Ct Jurgen Ct
Washington N Carswell
Washington Road Washington Blvd
Waters Ct Pindle Ct
Waters La Tlongwood
Waters Ln 8th
Watson Al St Andrews Al
Watson Ct Aisquith
Watts Ct Melrose Al
Waverly Av 31st E
Waverly Ave 31st
Waverly Ter Carey N
Wayne Houser
Wayne Rd Wayman Rd
Wayson Alley Wayside Alley
Weaver Western Ave
Webb Pl Small
Weber Webr Ave
Webster Al Small E
Webster Ct Roland Heights Ave
Webster Ct Sutton
Webster Ct E Daniel Ct
Webster Ct SW Heywood Ct
Wehage Clements
Wehr Ware
Wells Al Duker Al
Wesley Cascara
West Al Swift Alley
West Alley NE Westerling Ct
West Alley SW Swift Alley
West Ave Cedonia Ave
West Ave Piedmont Ave
West Ave West Bay Ave
West Ave Westbury
West Bay Ave West Park Dr
West Ct Foundry Ct
West La Morton
Western Run Dr Tanbark Rd/Tanbank
Western Run Rd Lochlea Rd
Westfield Ave Carter Ave
Westphal Westfield Ave
Weyler Cross E
Whetstone Point Locust Point
White Lauretta Ave
Whiteford Ave Morley
Whittemore Ave Haverhill Ave
Widener Ave Weidner Ave
Wilcox Ct Brian Ct
Wilcox Rd Wynham Rd
Wilhelm Ave Wilmington Ave
Wilkens Willard
Willax Ave Wilshire Ave
Williamson Wheeling
Williamson Al Williamson
Willow Ontario Ave
Willow Wilmot
Willow Ave Antana Ave
Willow Ave Catalpha Rd
Willow Ave Edna Ave
Willow Ct Norwood Ct
Willowdale Ave Willowton Ave
Wilmer Ave Wiran Ave
Wilson Alley N Alley
Wilson Ave Cordelia Ave
Wilson Ave Embla Ave
Wilson Ave Wilsby Ave
Wilson Ct Ewer Ct
Wilson Heights Ave Marx Ave
Wilson N Henderson
Wilson Ter Howil Ter
Wilson W Berry
Wilton Heights Ave Marx Ave
Windsor Van Lill
Windsor Ave School
Winfield Ave Chelsea Ter
Winter Ct Summer Ct
Wirt Wirton
Wolfe Ave Woodstock Ave
Woodbrook Ter Mary Ct
Woodland Ave Hayward Ave
Woodland Ave Wood Heights Ave
Woodland Ave Woodhaven Ave
Woodland Ave Woodhouse Ave
Woodland Ave Woodington Ave
Woodland Ave Woodring Ave
Woodland Ave Woodruff Ave
Woodland Ave Woodsdale Ave
Woodlawn Ave Anthony Ave
Woodlea Rd/Pl Woodlea Ave
Woodleigh Rd Woodford Rd
Woodley McKean Ave
Woodlyn Ave Westfield Ave
Woodrow Ave Alhambra Ave
Woodside Rd Carlowe Rd
Woodvillee Rd Clear Spring Rd
Wooster Carey S
Wooster Carey S
Wright 30th E
Wyman Ave Lorraine Ave W
X Al Stump Al
Yellott Ct St Thomas Ct
York Rd Greenmont Ave
Young Wayson
Young Ave St Benedict
Young Ct Young Al
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also M1283 for 1910 changes
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also a 1905 set of
Sanford maps had some
name changes

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