Baltimore Police Books by Baltimore Police Authors

2006 Baler, Barry M. Becoming a Police Officer 13-978-0-595-38078-7
2008 Brooks, Herman Louis Jr. Could it Be; Personal Reflections on the Book of Revelations 978-0-615-27564-2
2018 Cabrzas, James Eyes of Justice 978-1727093636
No Date Coppage, E. M., Sr. Rev/DR Inside the Divide: The Friction Within; Mending of the Blue Broken Community None
2015 Danko, Steve P. Tour of Duty Complexity of Police Work 13-1491778258
2023 Danko, Steve P. Charm City Boys 13-8854313315
2009 Dillon, John W. Have I told You About… 1-60610-393-8
1997 Douglas, Robert E. Dr. Death with Valor None
1999 Douglas, Robert E. Dr. Hope Beyond the Badge None
2010 Douglas, Robert E. Dr. Healing for a Hero's Heart None
2023 Douglas, Robert E. Dr. The Art of Being You None
2023 Douglas, Robert E. Dr. I Can't Live an Empty Life None
2016 Driscoll, Kenny Baltimore City Police History; A Historical Timeline 13-978-153087706
2016 Ellwood, Dick A Dark Side of Blue 13-978-1530126789
2017 Ellwood, Dick Police Baltimore Cop Stories II; A Real Conversation 13-978-1987410637
2022 Ellwood, Dick LEO Legends / BCPD; A look Behind the Badge 13-979-8630414021
2010 Ellwood, Dick Cop Stories; The Few, The Proud, The Ugly 978-1-4502-4351-3
2012 Ellwood, Dick Charm City Blue Justice 978-1-4759-6665-7
2012 Ellwood, Dick Charm City Blue Justice 978-1-4759-6665-7
2014 Ellwood, Dick The Secret Zoo 978-1500640484
1893 Frey, Jacob Reminiscence of Baltimore (Reprint 2002) 1-58549-745-2
2014 Gordon, Joel E. Still Seeking Justice; One Officers Story None
2014 Gordon, William D. Life in Black and White None
1980 Gribbin, August K. Sr. How it All Happened 53304314x
2017 Kapfhammer, Sean The Ghost of Anne Arundel Community College and Surroung Area 978-0-9993846-0-2
2016 Kapfhammer, Sean The Ghost of Loyola University Maryland and the Surrounding Area None
2018 Kowalczyk, Eric John The Politics if Crisis 978-19474804131
2020 LeBrun, Robert L. If I Had A Story to Tell 13-978-1-0879-2167-9
2023 LeBrun, Robert L. Death Always Wins 13-979-8886793888
2022 LeBrun, Robert L. Death Has It Ways 13-979-8886794847
2014 LeBrun, Robert L. All That Remains 978-1-59299-983-5
2019 LeBrun, Robert L. The Forever Ranger 978-1-6453-0306-0
2008 Malecki, Edward G. On Patrol; Baltimore Police 978-0-6152-0986-9
1960 Marders, Irvin E. How to Use Dogs Effectively in Modern Police Work None
2022 MclHinney, Gary / Cowherd, Kevin Bleeding Blue 978-1627203753
2002 Mize, Lawrence E. Dead Man Calling 1-56167-709-4
2019 Mize, Lawrence E. My Long Journey in Baltimore 978-1-6453-0634-4
2020 Mize, Lawrence E. Baltimore A City Besieged 978-8580887777
2008 Moskes, Peter Cop in the Hood 978-0-691-12655-5
2017 Norris, Ed / Cowherd, Kevin Way Down in the Hole 978-1-62720-144-5
2009 Olson, Steven P. / Brown, Robert P. Some Gave All; A History of Baltimore Police Killed in the Line of Duty 1808-2007 978-0-9635159-5-7
2009 Parsons, George P. Jr. Passing the Baton 978-1-4251-8387-3
2017 Phelan-Eilerman, Mary Tenley's Magic Thumb 13-1-985017641
1990 Reintzell, John F.  The Police Officers Guide to Survival, Health and Fitness 0-398-05711-7
2018 Reintzell, John F.  Charm City Cop; Life and Times of Steve Tabeling 978-1-532056505
No Date Riddick, John Life in Black and White None
No Date Riddick, John The Boogeyman of Baltimore None
2009 Rosado, Jose A. THUGS Amoung Us 978-1-4389-5703-6
2011 Sewell, Kelvin / Janis, Stephen Why Do We Kill? None
2006 Shanahan, Daniel J. Badges, Bullets, & Bars 1-42570963x
2020 Stout, P. M. Baltimore Blue Bloods 979-8637795789
2013 Tabeling, Stephen / Janis, Stephen You Can't Stop Murder: Truths about Policing in Baltimore and Beyond None
2017 Tabeling, Stephen / Janis, Stephen The Book of Cop; A Testament to Policing that Works None
2013 Tomczak, Michael P. Feasting with Franklin None
2020 Tress, Samuel D. The Art of Policing in Baltimore 979-8613521890
2016 Weinhold, Rob / Cowherd, Kevin The Art of Crisis Leadership 978-1-62720-112-4
2021 Wilson, Bob Twenty-Five Years with the Baltimore City Police Department from Behind the Badge     978-8788244754
2021 Wilson, Bob The Baltimore Police Department: Those Were the Days 979-8481325837
2017 Wise, Wesley R. A life in Blue 13-978-1508503583
2023 Wise, Wesley R. Wise Musing: A Collection of Essays and Short Stories 13-979-8377164333
2014 Wise, Wesley R. A Blue and White Life 978-1503266532

2022            Wilson, Bob                                  My Memories of The Baltimore Police Department from Behind the Badge
2021            Wilson, Bob                                  Growing Up in Dundalk in the 50s and 60s
2021            Wilson, Bob                                  The Baltimore Police Department – Those Were the Days                                       979-8481925837