Ken's Copyright Artwork

Ken's Copyright Artwork

The Following are logos, and artwork drawn and copyright protected by Ken. I hope you enjoy them, I know Ken will not like this being on here, but I needed a place to post these pics, to show copyright and ownership when we have to file to have his work removed from other's sites.

motto 2This was made because, I wanted to put Ken's awards on our van, so I had them printed, but as we started putting them on the back window I realized it was going to take up the entire back window, not because he has so many, I think he has maybe a dozen. So what I asked was that ken put all of the ribbons together on one decal. I wanted it balanced, so I had him ad his name tag, and our Service ribbon. These are not in the correct order, I just know he received, 2 Citations of Valor, 3 Bronze Stars, 3 Unit Citations, 2 Commendatory Ribbons, (1 county, 1 city)  a Norris Commissioners Ribbon and a 15 year safe driving. Ken got some other things, a Purple heart, and Distinguished Service Award from the Hall of Fame. I wanted things balanced so I stuck with city and county sworn police, Ken also got a Amtrak award but that was from Auxiliary police a class he took, but was hired before graduation, he didn't like not finishing things, so he was given permission to complete the auxiliary class, during which he did a plain clothes thing at a carnival and the Amtrak wreck


Keys were done for a Lock your car, Remove your valuables program from Crime resistance unit, we needed to remake the decals for some parking meters for the museum

Parking Meter Key 6 72

BPD Pancreatic Cancer Purple7272

This was done in all purples for my father who passed away due to Pancreatic Cancer, Ken also did a Pink version or actually two pink versions in honor of my mom who had breast cancer around 2004.

BPD Pancreatic Cancer Purple7272

BPD Pancreatic Cancer Purple7272

Here Ken changed the badge to the current badge, when the patch was originally done it used the badge of that day, when they changed the badge, they didn't change the badge on the patch. Ken did this to see how it would have looked. It took me a minute to see see it at first.  

BPD Pancreatic Cancer Purple7272

This was done by Ken because someone said the thin blue line was police sticking together and lying for one another, covering for each other, and that is simply not true. There is a term for that, I am not sure what it is, but "The Thin Blue Line" is the police standing between good and evil,  or right and wrong. it's protecting society from criminals that would rape, rob and pillage, the hard working loyal citizens. So on one side Ken named tons of crimes, and evils, the on the other side spread out much further were things like, Honor, Trust, Law Enforcement, Order, Caring, Loyalty and other positive things. We hope it shows, a the Thin Blue Line stands between Good and Bad, and that it is just a thin line of police that will put themselves between the good and evil of our society to protect us.  

PINK BCPD Patch 72

This is the first pink BPD patch Ken did, he did it in honor of my mother, but also for all woman, in hopes they would remember to go have exams, and possibly to save lives through early detection. 

motto 2motto 2

motto 2The Birthday patch was done for me at first, but since has been used for more than a dozen police friends. He picked these colors because they are typical of baby shower colors, and figured it would work for both girls and guys. 

BPD Pancreatic Cancer Purple7272BPD PostcardBPD MOTHERS DAY 72BPD MOTHERS DAY 72BPDH 72 BPDH 72 Prayer Patch - BlueBPDH 72

Prayer Patch - Brown

BPDH 72 With a Crucifix Silhouette on an Ordinary BPD Patch


USA FLAG patch 4th of july72

Ken did two of these, the first he messed up and did it too small, so he re-drew it, this one is huge, but gives the look he likes for what he calls, his Peace with Police Decal. 

USA FLAG patch 4th of july72

Here Ken was making a 4th of July American Flag BPD patch. There isn't much that could be said, other than it is a really nice looking patch. 

USA FLAG patch 4th of july72

The Paranormal Investigation Unit patch, this was made as a kind of joke, as if we have a unit to fight criminal ghosts. This came as a result of Defunding, because of the line "Who you gonna call?" which was done on a similar patch, that covers Defunding our police.

BPD Breast Cancer awarness

This is the second Pink Breast Cancer Awareness patch Ken designed, he did it for the reason he did many of these, it was for this site, various pages needed original art. Bus he also started having his work printed on decals, shirts etc. because of copy paste artists that were taking his work and using it. There was a guy that ripped off his Espantoon T-shirt design, a design that has his name in it, and web address, the copy paste artist, copied and used it as it was. I don't know if it is lazy or no talent, but some people want to call themselves designers, and then just copy paste the work that others are doing. So now we have it all available and when someone does this, we just send out C&D letters and notify Amazon or eBay to have their works pulled. 

Crab Patch 2

Ken did this crab using a picture of of a real crab that was sent to him, he converted it to a painting, re-did the outline and added one of his patch logos. BTW this is a logo for the Historical Society and this website, it is not BPD's patch, they dropped CITY from their patch back in the late 60's 

USA FLAG patch 4th of july72

This is the DeFund version with the Who ya gonna call? motto. done as a joke for his Facebook friends and for this site. We added it to redbubble, so decals could be had 

USA FLAG patch 4th of july72

This is done for decals it was done as a joke; initially, to put his best friends name on top. We had them made for a soap box derby car Ken has. 

BCP we are in the 99 9 BLUE72

911 had so much impact on us that we had to do something for the site and Facebook to rememebr the fallen heroes that gave their lives saving the lives of so many others. 

BCP we are in the 99 9 72

WAIT 99.9%
We Are In The 99.9%

BCP we are in the 99 9 BLUE72

WAIT 99.9%
We Are In The 99.9%

BPD Flag Peace History

BCP AUTISM no ribbon 72BCP AUTISM no ribbon 72

This was done by Ken and our granddaughter Rory, Rory picked the components and Ken put it all together for her. He ended  up with two or three versions, she picked these puzzle pieces, and when he showed her the options, she was dead-set this was the one, and it was the one that she had picked all the parts for. So this is our Rory patch

decal sticker 72 sm

Ken wanted to make a rat trap for his phone cover, it didn't work out, but it did make a nice funny decal and covers our RATT Force. Regional Auto theft Task Force

decal sticker 72 sm





Ken made this for his and Patty's 39th Wedding Anniversary


This was done for the site, where we have an Officer of the Year page, we select as many Officers as we can every year to name Officer of the Year, they get nothing but bragging rights, and their name added to the site where it will remain. I might start sending letters out so it can go in their personnel jackets. 

BCP chrome HOF72BCP chrome HOF72

This is for our Hall of Fame, Ken has been nominated between 75 and a 100 times, but refuses to add his name, he thinks it would look like he named himself, so he thanks everyone for the kind words and kind thoughts but will not add his name, we added his name as a joke once, but if you clicked it, it took you to another officer's hall of fame page. Maybe one of these days, we'll manage to convince him it is OK to add him. It is good enough for now that I made his page HERE and he is finally sharing the link when someone asked about his career. 

Line of Duty Injured72 3 star

This is Ken's favorite, it has the best looking red ribbon/banner he could find, Line of Duty Injured, covers so many, as not all injuries are as obvious as his. So this is nice and means so much to so many. 

Memorial Day Observance72

We have a ton of designs that were done for holidays, and this one is obviously one of them. Our subdued black patch for Memorial Day. 


We need this for our Fallen Officers, this is used here on the site, it is used on Facebook, Twitter and in emails. I like how he got the black here to stand out as well as the red in the Injured Offer version.


4th for July needed something, and while this can be hard to read, it does look good and serves its purpose. The fireworks, can look nice, but at times it can be hard to read when made too small.


We need this for our Fallen officers, this is used here on the site, it is used on Facebook, Twitter and in emails. I like how he got the black here to stand out as well as the red in the Injured version. We needed another for something we were doing so I suggested a star, and Ken added a single gold star. 

Peace Officers Memorial Day 72

We have a ton of designs that were done for holidays, and this one is obviously one of them. Our police observance designs for Peace Officers Memorial Day. 


This stands out well and was done for our Fingerprint page.. all black because of the ink typically used to roll prints

stay safe motto mask 72

This is obvious too, but I liked the idea the mask looks good, but more important, I think too many masks were added to art, and the masks were not transparent and took away from a design. I kind of like this and found it well thought out and well done. 

BCP HISTORY St Paddy with orange 72BCP HISTORY St Paddy with orange 72

We reused the 4th of July patch and used it on Flag day. I figure why not, it is a nice design and helps us to celebrate with our police family. 

BCP HISTORY St Paddy with orange 72

BCP HISTORY St Paddy72Hanukkah 72

BCP HISTORY Merry Christmas72BCP HISTORY Merry Christmas72BCP HISTORY Merry Christmas72BCP HISTORY Merry Christmas72BCP HISTORY Merry Christmas72

BCP fh HISTORY polygraph72

Hanukkah 72Hanukkah 72

BCP fh HISTORY hAPPY Thanksgivig72 BCP fh HISTORY Valentines 72

Ever Ever Ever Crest new 1 29 14

This was one of Ken's first designs, it has been ripped off more than any of the others, one guy pasted a dog over this and when someone asked if it was Ken's design, I answered it was, and someone jumped down my throat saying it was an officer from the Eastern, and he painted it on the wall, Ken had nothing to do with it,. I had to let him know painting two zeroes after the one on a one dollar bill doesn't give you a hundred dollars, anymore than painting a dog over Ken's design makes his design theirs. Ken draws his works from nothing, and works up to a final design. He adjust colors, shapes and lines with text until he has a real finished work that he did himself. This is Ken's first real design. Likewise, he drew his shoulder patch from the ground up, we had someone making rosary beads, that said, So he put a ribbon in front and all of a sudden it is his. I had to explain, Ken made the entire thing from nothing to what we see.  We had to make this page to show our work as our work, and copyright it. 

Motors Unit 1914 2014 arrow sm

This and the next was made for the 100th anniversary of BPD's Motor's unit. Wings up or wings down. We went with wings down, the following was made into our patch. The one above was used on this and the last site. 

Motors Unit 1914 2014 closed wing 72 bc pd 72

While still in patrol circa 1993/94 Ken came up with this idea for a T-shirt, he liked AC-DC and thought this would work, he has made stickers and T-shirts since and it has worked well. 

bc pd 72

For National Thank the Police Day, Ken adapted his BC/PD About to Rock design, adding the silhouette of a police officer saluting and the Served with Honor ribbon. The saluting silhouette symbolizes the bravery and dedication of our police officers, while the Served with Honor ribbon represents the commitment to protecting and serving our communities that all of our police officers make or have made in the past and present. These additions to Ken's design truly capture the essence of National Thank the Police Day and pay homage to the invaluable work done by law enforcement officers.

1 black devider 800 8 72


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Devider color with motto


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