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CD 1Charles LoRocco

Charles LoRocco

CD 2CD 3

District Closed

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CD 10CD 11Dave StevensFleming RoweJoe KundratLt Joe CSwenson09E16 001yyi

1960's radio patrol

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Officer Joe Bradey

Over alls

P/O Joe Bradey

Recall signs Det Hat

Brass Recall Light with an Amber Lens
Lenses started out GREEN, they also used BLUE, and RED along the way, but the main change came when they went from GREEN to AMBER
round hat

This hat was used from 1908 to 1944

Round hat crush

This is also a round hat, but they took the wire out, making it a crushed hat. The crushed look was something done in the late 1930s and early 40s and was seen most often by our motormen. It seems that around the time Douglas MaCarthur started wearing his Crushed hat, motormen across the country started doing the same. This trend also took place in the civilian world, where bikers would also wear Harley-Davidson crushed hats. 

serge hat

Courtesy Jay Whiley
Eight point hat were first used in 1944 and has been used ever since.

15F16 001d 72

Courtesy John Heiderman

This was a policewoman's hat. Our female officers used to go by the distinction of policewoman, while the male officers were policemen. This all changed 12 June 1973: The Civil Service Commission authorized the single classification of "Police Officer" to replace the dual designations "Policeman/Patrolman" and "Policewoman/Patrolwoman.". This reclassification was a continuation of the department's efforts in the area of equal employment opportunity. Female "police officers" now had the same prerogatives and responsibilities as their male counterparts. Now only one competitive test for promotions is necessary. Thus, a single career ladder was established for all sworn members.) -  8 June 1973 - Gladys Aye became the first woman officer to enter the academy after the designation of policewoman was dropped.  This also gave female officers the opportunity to be promoted above the rank of lieutenant.

14358811 10208227920999180 1535050015601833439 n14448977 10208227928319363 1268411511434280930 n165 city1935 bpd police pistol medal

1q1231981 Police Officer of Year1983 LT Wilson Snow Storm1997 Larry Fasano John Doesburgh36962 1338263901319 1372786638 30793969 6170212 n36962 1338263941320 1372786638 30793970 7449718 nAdrian MaralushaAlan Keitzarminger battaglia jud 1982Baumgarten 1989Bill Edgar baltimore ravens cheerleadersBill Gordon DCBill Gordon HQ 1998capt gary daddariocollege recognition ceremony 1981Det Edward Chaney 5th from leftdet jeff hidyDickFrancis1Don DeWaredgar hulk hogan14409402 10208263612691450 8130691967094977855 o

An old oak desk once used by the Northeast District in a substation off Belair Road.

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This Photograph came with the desk. The desk can be seen above and below this photo, it was used in one of our Northeast District substations on Belair Road. When the substation was closed, around 1958 they gave the desk and chair to the officer that worked it the longest. We purchased it years later from a family member. They gave us the desk, the chair, the photo of his uncle, and his uncle's espantoon (circa 1920s) all for around $250.00

14468242 10208263613331466 6894004890587272141 o

Here we see the inside of the desk has all of it's drawers, compartments hinges etc., still tight and in place. There was an issue with one of the stabilizers on the right side, it had worked itself loose, and Ken didn't want to add a larger screw, so he took, a wooden match stick, and some wood clue, glued everything up, tapped the stick into the hole and let it dry, once dry he taped off the area and sanded it flush, after removing the tape, he used the same screw that came with it, and it worked like a charm. The desk does work itself a little lose once in awhile but is easy enough to just squeeze it back together. The chair is as sturdy as the day it was bought. It has a manufacture's mark on the bottom dating it in the 1920. Speaking of the 1920s the espantoon that came with it is also from the 1920s. From the picture the hats are round, an indication that the picture was taken between 1908 and 1944.

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This was one of our best Commissioners51007089 10215664478457234 1662194726289276928 o

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P/O  Jack Baker

60258091 10215542983271165 618849652858421248 o

A sketch of on of our patrol cars

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