Patrolman Charles L Frank

Fallen HeroPatrolman Charles L. Frank 

On this day in Baltimore police history 1924 we lost our Brother Patrolman Charles L Frank of the southern district to gunfire based on the following:

From Baltimore Sun Paper Reports
Dated 21 June 1924

Patrolman Shot Aiding Woman, Dies

Victim Accuses Harry C Jones of Inflicting Fatal Wound

Wife to Give Statement

Husband Held without Bail for Hearing on Murder Charge

Patrolman Charles L Frank Southern district, shot early yesterday (20 June 1924) when he entered the dwelling at night 1619 Marshall St. to arrest Harry C Jones died of his injuries at 9 o’clock last night.

In a disposition at the South Baltimore General Hospital five hours before he died he accused Jones of firing the fatal shot

He entered the Jones home he declared at the invitation of Mrs. Jones, who would become involved in a car with her husband.

Wife Gives Statement

A written statement of the circumstances surrounding the shooting was obtained from Mrs. Jones by representative of the office of Herbert O’Connor states attorney.

The tragedy closely perils the fatal shooting of patrolman Frank laughed him February 29 last by Leon Schmidt in the latter’s home at 511 South Collington Ave. Schmidt was serving a sentence of life imprisonment for the crime.

Tales of Deposition

Magistrate Joseph O’Donnell, Southern District, who took the dying patrolman’s deposition, said it is substantially as follows:

Patrolman Frank said he walked past the Jones home at 1 AM here Jones is what quarreling believing that nothing serious was amiss, he did not stop. An hour later he again approached the house. The quarrel had become violent. He entered the yard. Ms. Jones appeared at the rear door and asked him to come inside.

Shot in the Stomach

He entered hoping to be able to pacify the man and his wife. As he stepped across the threshold Jones reach for a pistol which is covered by hat on the table. He fired twice. The first bullet missed its mark. The second entered Frank stomach.

Frank staggered outside and fired his pistol several times to summons assistance. He then swooped and remember nothing more until he regained consciousness in the hospital 15 hours later.

Patrolman author McCloskey reported that he heard the shots and hastened to the scene. He summoned the police ambulance at Frank taken to the hospital. He then entered the house and arrested Jones.

Jones is Held

In operation was performed on Frank and throughout the day physicians said he had an even chance for life. He regained consciousness at 5 PM and made the deposition. From that time he remain conscious until 8 PM the stepfather John T Kennedy and patrolman Albert C Mont were at his bedside when he died.

Arraigned in the southern police court in the afternoon, Jones had committed to jail without bail for hearing July 20 on a charge of suiting the patrolman. The date was fixed because it was believed Frank would have recovered sufficiently to testify at that time.

In Service Six Months

His death means that inquest will be held within a few days by Dr. Otto Reinhardt southern districts coroner and the charge against Jones will be changed to shooting and causing the death of patrolman.

Frank was 33 years old he had been a member the Police Department only six months. During the war he served in the Army but was not sent overseas. He lived at 53 South Carrollton Ave. with his mother Mrs. Annie Kennedy his stepfather and a brother George Frank

Baltimore Sun 22 June 1924


Tells of Quarrel Prior To Shooting

Harry C Jones Says Trouble with Wife over another Woman

Mate Repudiates Story

Denies account of brawl proceeding killing a patrolman called to aid her. Harry C Jones held as the slayer of Patrolman Charles L Frank told police yesterday that he quarreled with his wife over another woman before she summoned the policeman.

According to Jones a story, which was told to Capt. John E Cooney. Southern district, he called Thursday night at the home of a woman whom he knew immediately before his marriage to his present wife four years ago. Mrs. Jones call for him and waited outside the house, standing on the pavement for about a half hour. Jones said. When he finally joined his wife, a quarrel started which grew into violence, it culminated, according to Jones a story, in her summoning patrolman Frank. The Jones home is at 1619
Marshall St.

Wife Repudiates Jones’ Story

According to the deposition of Frank, taken just before he died Friday night, he entered the Jones home at the invitation of Mrs. Jones and was shot by Jones who used the pistol which had been hidden under a hat on the table 2 shots were fired, according to the deposition, the first going wild in the second striking the patrolman. Mrs. Jones yesterday repudiates her husband’s story of the origin of the quarrel. Into he said, she contended that the other woman. Advanced by Jones is an unfounded attempt of his, to prove that she was prompted by jealousy when she called police assistance. According to her story, Joan stop the house to get a bunch of keys, one of which fitted his bar room. She waited outside until he came out. She said. The quarrel which followed was over another matter, she declared

Name of Woman Guarded

Beside Capt. Cooney the southern district police Roland K Adams deputy states attorney and Herman M Mosier assistant state attorney are investigating the case. Neither attorney would divulge the name or address of “the other woman” mentioned by Jones. Capt. Cooney said he did not know the name or address.

Dr. Otto M Reinhardt: coroner of the southern district will hold an inquest into the death of patrolman Frank at 8:30 PM tomorrow

Baltimore Sun report 24 June 1924


Jones Found Guilty by Coroner’s Jury

Man Accused of Shooting Patrolman Held for Grand Jury

Harry C Jones fired the shot that killed patrolman Charles L Frank a coroner’s jury decided last night and it inquest at the southern police station. Patrolman Frank was shot Friday night when Mrs. Mary Jones called him to and 1619 Marshall St. to arrest her husband. Jones declined to discuss the shooting when questioned by Dr. Otto Reinhardt, coroner. He was held without bail for the grand jury. Mrs. Jones testified that she and her husband had quarreled a over possession of a key to his place of business, one light Street. Patrolman Frank were Jones to stop the noise and what he failed to comply the patrolman stepped into the house to arrest him she said. As he walked across the room, Jones declared, “You are not going to take me,” and fired at the patrolman. Mrs. Franks declared. Patrolman author McCloskey and click men Ehrlich testified they arrested Jones near the home

From Baltimore Sun reports in July 13, 1924


Case of Harry C Jones Is Set For Tomorrow

Man Accused of Killing Patrolman C. L. Frank to Be Tried By Court

The case of Harry C Jones held on the charge of murdering patrolman Charles L Frank of the southern district is assigned for trial tomorrow in the criminal court. On June 20 the patrolman was shot and killed. Jones was indicted June 24 the same day he pled not guilty. J Abner sailor attorney for the defendant waived the jury trial and the case was assigned for hearing before Chief Judge James girder, whose weeks turns as presiding judge for all the courts during the summer recess begins tomorrow. Rolling Kay Adams deputy state attorney and Herman Moser assistant state’s attorney will be in charge of prosecution. Patrolman Frank was shot as he entered the dwelling at 1619 Marshall St. to arrest Jones. It is dying deposition the patrolman said he entered the dwelling at the request of Mrs. Jones who would become involved in a quarrel with her husband and a Jones shot him. He will not be forgotten by us, his brothers and sisters of the Baltimore Police Department. God Bless him, and may he rest in peace

More Details

End of Watch 20 June, 1924
City, St. 1619 Marshall St.
Panel Number 24-E: 14
Cause of Death Gunfire
Weapon - Handgun
District Worked Southern

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