Ronald Teufer Sr

Patrolman Ronald H. Teufer Sr


The Teufers

 Week's Weddings

The Sun (1837-1987); 

Jun 29, 1958


The marriage of Miss Erma Lee Schwartz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roland L. Schwartz, of 705 South Baylis Street, and Mr. Ronald Henry Teufer, son of Mrs. Henry G. Teufer, of 7236 Bridgewood drive, and the late Mr. Teufer, took place June 7 at Salem Evangelical United Brethren Church. The Rev. Fred Fischer performed the ceremony. A reception was held at the Knights of Columbus  Hall. The bride was given in marriage by her father. After a wedding rip to  Florida, Mr. and Mrs. Teufer are living at 406 South East Avenue.


51img012Starting Pay in 1959 - $133.18

23img048Patrolman Ronald H. Teufer loading horse - old stables on Frederick St.


The Sun (1837-1987); 

Sep 16, 1969

City police and FBI as he picked up for social yesterday in the properties of a bank and lending company office.

The FBI had arrested a fifth man earlier in the day, and charged him with the September eat holdup of the Maryland national bank branch in Randallstown.

Robbers did better yesterday in Joppatowne, where two armed bandits escaped with some $2000 after holding up in a in the supermarket and jump as a shopping center

$7004 TAKEN
Will in the largest of city holdups, two young men bolted the counter of the trust company branch in Edmondson village and raked $7024 from the cash drawers while a third stood at the event or with a pistol.

Police said one of the bandits fired a shot into the back ceiling and that a customer took a shot at the third as he chased him down the street.

Police and FBI agents took too young man, 18 and 21 years old, in the custody at 1 PM three hours after the order. They said the suspects, who were arrested at the younger ones home in a 2400 block of Chelsea Terrace, would be charged later with the holdup.

The third suspect, who was 24 years old, was arrested at 2:30 PM at his home in the 1800 block of Poplar Grove Street.

In the second city holdup, a very casual man with no bottom teeth and a sawed-off shotgun it in his leather briefcase took $310 from the family finance company branch at 416 North Howard St., then held a cab and fled in.

A passing bus driver who took down the cabs license number. And a mounted traffic policeman who broadcasted over the police radio helped to policeman crews and nearby to catch the taxi and corral suspect minutes after the robbery.

The 20-year-old suspect was being held last night at the central district police station. Police said he would be placed in lineups tomorrow in an attempt to link him with the recent holdups of two taverns, two banks, two lending institutions, and a dress shop.

Mark L Bolton, the loan officers manager, said the man came in at 2 PM and applied for a loan, then returned a half hour later caring a brown briefcase, from which he pulled a disassembled shotgun, and a handwritten holdups note. Mr. Fuller said the man clicked the two halves of the sawed-off shotgun together, and the two of them went to the firms cashiers cages, where to cashiers handed him $310.

The man then ordered the six persons in the office to lie on the floor, stuff the shotgun back into the briefcase, and fled to Saratoga Street, where he held the cab.  “He was very casual,” P. Marini, a supervisor at the finance company said, “he just made himself at home, and then he robbed us.”  Moments later, a bus driver leaned out the window to tell Patrolman Ronald H. Teufer for, astride his horse “Lucky”, the taxi’s license number, and the man was soon caught.

In Joppatowne, meanwhile, to bandits apparently broke through the ceiling of an AMP supermarket. Then robbed it safe of $2000 after employees began arriving at 7 AM.  The men armed with a butcher knife and a pistol, also Rob seven of the stores employees of an estimated $300 then lock them in a cooler and escaped in a car driven by a woman accomplice.  The employees spent some 90 minutes in the cooler before other employees miss them and calls the police just before 9 AM  The FBI made its arrest in the Randallstown holdup yesterday morning taking Morton J. Clark, Junior, 39, in the custody at his home in the 7200 block of Oak Haven circle.

A bearded man took $7944.59 from the Maryland national branch early on September 8 after pointing a gold colored pistol at the teller. Mr. Clark was arraigned before United States Commissioner H. Alan Metzger, and held in city jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.

20img051Patrolman Ronald H. Teufer unloading a horse

Oct 4, 1972

DiPietro escapes ticket for using Mayor's space
The Sun (1837-1987); ;pg. C26

DiPietro Escapes Ticket for using Mayor's Space
A mounted policeman and City Councilman Dominic DiPietro (Mimi) Democrat 1st district had a jocular showdown over a parking summons in front of City Hall yesterday.

Patrolman Ronald H. Teufer was sitting on his horse next to Mr. DiPietro’s illegally parked car when the councilman emerged in shirt sleeves from City Hall and, in his own a inimitable East Baltimore vernacular, ordered the policeman to ticket all the cars illegally parked along the Memorial Plaza before ticketing his.


“C’mom goombah,” said the policeman, “You can’t park here, it’s the Mayors parking space.” Mr. DiPietro responded that spaces along Memorial Plaza where council members may Park were filled with illegal parkers and that he had no place to put his car.

Thereupon, patrolman Teufer dutifully trotted around the Plaza to search for illegally parked cars.  He then returned to the front of City Hall and was chatting with Mr. DiPietro when the Mayor’s limousine appeared.  The Mayor had to double parked because the policeman’s horse was in the way.  When the Mayor appeared Mr. DiPietro greeted him with a cheerful obscenity; the Mayor replied with an obscene gesture of his own before speeding away.  And policeman Teufer trotted away, having been treated to personal contact with the higher echelon of government and leaving them none the worse for meeting him.



Traffic Officer Injured October 24, 1972 Officer Ronald Tuefer was thrown from his horse on Tuesday, October 24, 1972 in the 200 block of Cross Street and received severe injuries to his head. The incident occurred in mid-afternoon when the Officer's horse, "Zeik," reared up for no apparent reason, back stepped, and then fell over backwards, onto Officer Tuefer. The Officer was rushed to Mercy Hospital where he was X-rayed and treated by four staff physicians. He remains confined there, on the 12th floor. He is recovering satisfactorily. The Officer has been a member of the Mounted Unit since 1968




Jul 24, 1974

Pomerleau suspends 16 union officials
The Sun (1837-1987); ;

pg. C1

Suspends 16
Union Officials

16 patrolman – all officials of the union which represented striking city police – were suspended from duty yesterday by the police Commissioner, Donald P Pomerleau.  The suspensions removed from duty virtually all the remaining officers of local 1195 of the American Federation of State, County and municipal employees (AFL – CIO) as well as some members of his executive board.  Five other board members were praised by the Commissioner, however, for not participating in the strike.  It appeared as if yesterday’s suspensions were directed at those who Commissioner Pomerleau believed were the main thrust behind the police strike.  The suspensions were expected after Commissioner Pomerleau’s last week suspension of police officer George F. We, president of the local. Earlier last week Commissioner Pomerleau revoked the union’s right to represent Baltimore police.  Several suspended officers contacted last night refused to comment on the commissioner’s action.  In a two-page press release, the Commissioner said he was imposing the suspension because the 16 patrolman had violated “departmental directives” and had been “absent from duty without proper authority.”  Commissioner Pomerleau had said previously that the cases of each of about 600 men and women who participated in the five-day police walkout would be evaluated individually. He mentioned probable action ranging from firing to demotions, transfers and extra duty, or a combination of these.  The 16 patrolman suspended yesterday will appear at a special 9 AM hearing today and tomorrow to determine whether they should be paid or not paid during their suspensions.  Hearings on the charges will be conducted before a departmental trawl board at a later date. Mr. Hoyt, whose son officer Francis T. Wait, was one of those suspended yesterday, faces such hearing July 31.


officer George A. Donahue and Harry M. Bayne, both of Northwestern district; also Lewis J. Patty and Sharon V. Colo, of southern district, and Michael F. Ryan and Joseph L. Falls letter, of central district.  Also suspended were officers George M. Young and Charles J, Ryan, of Western district; also Leopold J. Iraqi, of the tactical section, and officer Scott H. Gary, Junior., Joseph P. McMahon and Vincent J. Sanzone, all of the Southwest district.  Others were officer Francis T. Weight, the only Eastern district policeman to participate in the walkout; for Nelson F. McKenna, of northern district; also Milton J. Wancowicz, senior, of the South Eastern district, and officer Ronald a Ward, of the northeastern district.  At the same time Commissioner Pomerleau raised five other members of the union’s local executive board who he said “did not participate in the strike action and fulfill their responsibilities to their oath of office and the citizens of Baltimore.  “They are to be commended for their attention to duty during these trying times,” he continued.These 54 officers Francis R Cavanaugh, of the departmental personnel division; officer Ronald H. Teufer, of the traffic division; officer Charles E Wancowicz. Senior, of the chief of patrol’s office; officer Author am the wit, of the criminal investigation division, and officer Bessie E Franklin, of the central records division. Officer Charles Wancowicz is the nephew of Milton J Wancowicz, a suspended officerBob Petza Retired from mounted in 1989 with 30 years








Behind the horse van. Tom Bretzil, unknown, Bob Petza, Ronald Teufer



Patrolman Ronald H. Teufer




Group riding out of barn, left to right....Chuck Esler, Joe Thomas, 2nd group Bob Petza, Teufer, 3rd group
still inside the barn Tom Bretzik Bill Chubb ( his son is Kevin Chubb, was a sgt.)

mounted sign

 The sign above hangs in our living room, can be seen hanging on the side of the Frederick St - Stables




Guys behind the van L to R Teufer, unk, Bill Kromer, Bob Petza, Tom Bretzik, Sgt. Tom Wahlen



Parade L to R John Moran with flag, Chuck Esler, Teufer and Larry Merrifield on the blonde horse


32img038Patrolman Ronald H. Teufer

Patrolman Ronald H. Teufer


Bronze Star

"Lucky" was sold for $500 for use in the Department Mounted Unit



Retirement Ceremony
Captain Robert Jenkins, the Teufers, Col Eddie Lawrence, Captain Walter Jasper


P/O Ronald Teufer

P/O Ronald Teufer and Col Eddie Lawrence


P/O Ronald Teufer


P/O Ronald Teufer


21 August, 1967 - We lost our Brother Police Officer John C. Williams

 50img012Pictures Courtesy of  Janet Teufer Cappelli Terry Allen Cappelli and Ronalf H Teufer SrDevider color with motto

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