Patrolman Edgar Shellito

 Fallen Hero

Patrolman Edgar ShellitoMon May 2 1921 Shellito


Motorcycle Policeman Is Killed In Collision On Annapolis Road


Woman Companion Injured Badly When Car Smashes Into Pole.

A series of six automobile and motorcycle accidents in and near the city yesterday and last night resulted in the death of two men, one of them a policeman, and the injury of a woman and six men. The woman is not expected to live. Three of the accidents were caused by automobiles crashing into telephone or electric poles. Victims of said accidents

The dead men were

Baltimore Police Motor’s Officers Edgar Shellito, Southwestern Police District.

William J McCrackan, 35 years old of E Preston Street

The Injured are as follows

Serge. Thomas C. Warrick Company D, 54th Infantry, Camp Meade, who was with Patrolman Shellito. In serious condition at the University Hospital.  Mrs. Jesse T. Moore, 32 years old, N Arlington Ave. who was with McCrackan. She is at St Agnes’ Hospital with both arms and legs broken, as well she suffers from a fractured skull. Samuel Israelson, 2141 Fairmount Ave, cut on legs. Treated at South Baltimore General Hospital. Earl Myers, 1402 Harlem Ave, Cut on both Legs Treated at South Baltimore general Hospital John Schistler, 52 years old Putty Hill, Md. Broken leg, lacerated scalp, Taken to St Joseph’s Hospital Two unidentified men were taken from the scene of the accident in which they figured in and automobile.


Patrolman Shellito was killed and Sergeant Warrick was injured in a collision of Patrolman Shellito’s motorcycle and the automobile of Harry M. Sawyer. Of 1147 Ward Street on the Annapolis Boulevard at Wilhelm Station, Anne Arundel County, last night. According to the Police, Shellito was on duty and was taking Warrick, who, with his wife, Mrs. Amy Warrick, had been visiting at Shellito’s home, 1036 Brentwood Ave. to Camp Meade. Sawyer and Edward E. Bell, 1140 Ward Street, who was in the automobile with him, gave all assistance possible to the victims. They then returned to the city and surrendered at the Southwestern Police Station where they were held for the action of the coroner. They told the police the crash occurred because Shellito was on the wrong side of the road. They said they saw Shellito when he was 400 feet from them and they blew their horn vigorously, but the policeman continued, and it was not long after that the machines nearly met that Sawyer found he would be forced to turn out to avoid a head-on-collision. When they turned Shellito’s cycle struck their rear right wheel ad turned their car completely around, hurling Shellito from his motorcycle and into a ditch. Warrick also was thrown from the motorcycle. The occupants of the car were not hurt.


Miss Margrete Hartman, of South Register Street, and Miss Hellen Zaworski, of Bank St. witnessed the accident while standing at Wilhelm Station of the Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis. They said the motorcycle passed them, going toward Glenburnie, but a few hundred yards before the crash. Miss Hartman said the soldier, riding in the sidecar, lurched and nearly fell out, The policeman, she said, reached over and, seizing the soldier by the shoulder, attempted to pull him to an upright position. As he did this, she said, the motorcycle swerved to one side and struck the automobile. Both drivers, she said, made frantic efforts to avoid the accident, but the motorcycle hit the rear wheel of the machine. 

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More Details

End of Watch 1 May 1921
City, St. Baltimore City
Panel Number N/A
Cause of Death Auto Accident
Weapon - Vehicle
District Worked Southwestern



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