Patrolman Franklin Fullum

Fallen HeroPatrolman Franklin Fullum

22 November 1872: Patrolman Franklin Fullum of the Southern Force died on Friday, November 22, 1872. Based on the following: Sun Article dated November 26, 1872: Death of a policeman Patrolman Francis Fullum, for a long time connected with the police department of South Baltimore, died on Friday night, November 22, 1872, at his residence number, 42 South Oregon St., of smallpox. The deceased was regarded as a very efficient officer. During his term of service, he was instrumental in the rescue of a large number of people from drowning at the docks skirting Federal Hill. Some two or three months prior to this, his duty brought him into contact with a man delirious from the smallpox, notwithstanding the fact that the man was covered with evidence of this dreadful malady. Fullum grappled with him and succeeded in placing him in a place of safety. Fullum did not take the disease at that time but continued in the service until Tuesday, November 19, 1872, when he was confined with smallpox, which resulted in his death. His remains were interred on Saturday. (*1)

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End of Watch       22 November, 1872
City, St.    City, St.
Panel Number    N/A
Cause of Death         LOD Illness
District Worked Southern

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