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On this day in Baltimore Police History 1936 we lost our Police Officer Carroll Hanley in and auto accident based on the following: Officer Hanley placed a well-dressed man under arrest at the Back of a Chevrolet, 10 E. North Avenue, when the suspect hoped in his car and sped away. Officer Hanley jumped onto the closed side running board of the vehicle as the car was driving sped through rush hour traffic trying to shake him. Officer Hanley held on for a little more than three blocks but was eventually flung from the car to his death when the driver made a sharp left turn from 20th Street to Hargrove alley.

Newspapers made the following reports:

On 31 October 1936 - The search for Officer Hanley’s Killer widened. Authorities of Pennsylvania, Delaware and D. C. asked to help Baltimore Police. Still lacking any definite clue to the slayer in this case, police extend their search to neighboring States; their search for the driver of the automobile from which Patrolman Carroll F. Hanley was thrown to his death, are accepting the offered help of these neighboring agencies.

The casting of a wider net in 1936 pays off, as police in Washington DC nab a suspect based on the following:

On 2 Nov 1936 - The Baltimore Sun reported - A 35-year-old advertising agent was arrested in a Washington rooming house yesterday (1 Nov) and held for being the suspected driver of the automobile from which Police Officer Carroll F. Hanley was thrown to his death on 20th Street at Hargrove Alley on Thursday morning. After a brief interview the salesman/suspect admitted to driving the car that caused officer Hanley’s death, he went on to tell investigators he was in the rooming house since that Thursday night and that if he could take it all back he would...

On 3 Nov 1936 - The Baltimore Sun reported - HANLEY DEATH SUSPECT IS HELD TILL JURY ACTS

They went on to report, “Body To Hear Allegations Against George Shea Tomorrow” ONE OF WITNESSES IDENTIFIES THE ACCUSED - Police Make No Charges, Ad Solicitor Is Denied Bail, George K. Shea, 35-year-old advertising solicitor, was held without bail in the Central Police Station last night awaiting the action of the grand jury, which tomorrow will hear allegations that he drove the automobile from which Patrolman Carroll F. Hanley was thrown to his death on Thursday then drove straight to the DC Rooming house after killing Officer Hanley.

On 4 Nov 1936 - The Sun reported - SHEA IS HELD FOR OFFICER HANLEY DEATH. The Coroner Found Patrolman Was "Deliberately Thrown From Auto" George Shea made several quick turns from side to said, in order to shake him, or throw him from the vehicle, so that he could make his escape. Police will await Grand Jury Action. On advice of his counsel, George Shea refuses to testify at his inquest. Coroner Hubert last night reached a verdict that the death of Patrolman Carroll last Thursday was due to being literately and intentionally being thrown from the running board of Shea’s moving automobile as it was being driven by Mr. George K. Shea this was the testimony given to the grand jury by, Baltimore Coroner Mr. Hubert.

On 1 Dec 1936 - The Baltimore Sun reports the following - SHEA STARTS MANSLAUGHTER TERM of 5 YEARS FOR THE DEATH of OFFICER HANLEY - Sentenced to The Penitentiary in Maryland for the Death of Police Officer Carroll Hanley defendant Shea Faints upon hearing his penalty in the courtroom - Shea cried out, ”He Would "Do Anything" To Bring Victim Back

George K. Shea”. Last night he began serving a five-year term in the Maryland Penitentiary after he being found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Patrolman Carroll Hanley.

November 2nd 1936 Funeral Services were held for Officer Hanley in attendance were all of his brothers and sisters of the Baltimore Police Department, along with his wife Katherine and his 5 children, Robert, Angela, Thomas M, Carroll M & Albert E. Hanley. Behind the Baltimore Police Family, and the Handley Family, we members of the community that Officer Carroll Hanley served for 21 years. Had he not been killed on Oct 29th he would have been awarded several awards at the yearly award ceremony for his actions that year, instead he was Posthumously Awarded the Medal of Honor.

As his brothers and sisters of the Baltimore Police Department we will not let him be forgotten, His service Honored the City of Baltimore, and the Baltimore Police Department may he rest in peace, and may God bless him.

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End of Watch 29 October, 1936
City, St. City, St.
Panel Number 29-E: 4
Cause of Death Fall
District Worked Central


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