P/O Milton Heckwolf


Police Officer Milton Heckwolf

On this day, February 9, 1926, we lost our brother, police officer Milton Heckwolf, to a line of duty Illness based on the following:


The Sun (1837–1989); Jul 7, 1926; p. . 8

Limitations of the police pension fund, explained by Commissioner Gaither

To the editor of the sun: Sir: my husband was an officer of the central police station from August 7, 1922, until February 9, 1926, this being the date of his death. A great many people think that I am well provided for by the Police Department of the city of Baltimore. But all that I’ve received is the paltry sum of $770 to rear and educate three children, the oldest of whom is only 12 years old. Also, I’ve had to work from the time my husband entered the police force until present time. I asked about his pension or an allowance for my children and received the cold reply that there is no provision for such in the state of Maryland and that my husband died a natural death.

This much I do know—that my husband contracted his illness while on duty helping the firemen while fighting a fire at the Ainslee apartment. The hose burst and he caught his death of cold by getting dripping wet and continued to patrol his post for the rest of the night.

From the severe cold developed the flu; double pneumonia and pleurisy followed. It was mighty heartbreaking to stand by, watch and administer to his every want in vain.

Now I am left a burden to the old folk, for most of this death benefit has been devoured by the funeral expenses and doctor bills.

I have been told that my husband was always on the job, had been cited for bravery, and was well thought of at the central station. And that he had many friends on his post, but of all the friends he had, there isn’t one of them that has been to see me since he has been buried to ask me how I am getting along or if there is anything they could do. Not that I want anything for myself! With the help of God, no, but something should be done for my children.

I also extended my sympathy to the wives of those officers that have been shot, and I am glad to know that they are being given more consideration than was given me, but it only proves that an officer must meet a tragic death in some way while on duty before the widow and children are provided for after the husband’s death.

I am sure there are more widows of police officers who will reason with me on this point.

Mrs. Milton Heckwolf

Police Commissioner Charles D Gaither says, in reference to the above letter, that there is nothing in the records of the Police Department to show that patrolman had Wolf died from any other than natural causes. This being the case, Mrs. Hickwolf does not receive a pension because the law provides life pension only for the widows a policeman who were killed or died from injuries received in the performance of their public duty. The $770 which Mrs. Hickwolf received was provided by the police benefit Association, which raises its funds by appropriating weekly amounts from the salaries of its members in the department. A new insurance preposition was put into effect one July, increasing this amount to $1500 to be paid to the beneficiaries at time of death of those policeman who elect to become policyholders.

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More details

End of Watch 6, February 1926
City, St. City, St.
Panel Number N/A
Cause of Death LOD Illness
District Worked Central
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