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Sgt Benjamin GrahamOfficer Norman F. Buchman 

On this day in Baltimore Police History 6 April 1973, we lost our Brother Officer Norman F. Buchman to gunfire based on the follow:

Patrolman Norman Buchman 24 who was slain Friday April 6, 1973 as he investigated the man now suspected of his killing. The Monday before his killing of Officer Buchman, Sean Garland was arrested on a marijuana violation. A check of police department records revealed, Garland 23 who officials said will be charged with the slaying of patrolman Buchman was driving the same car when arrested last Monday as the police been pursuing before the shooting.

Garland's older Brother, Elvin Garland alleged yesterday that Patrolman Buchman had [picked up] his brother three times recently, taking him into the Northwest police station in each time for narcotics violations.

Arrest Confirmed -  Police officials said that they could confirm only the last marijuana arrest and knew nothing about Elvin Garland's allegation that his brother was taken to the station three times recently by the patrolman. The arrest of Garland the prior Monday was his 27th arrest since the 1968 arrest on charges ranging from disorderly conduct to assault by shooting with intent to murder. According to police records, indicating nine cases or 1/3 of his arrests result in convictions.

He was once arrested charged and convicted of Assault on police in 1969 and received a suspended sentence of 18 month. Police officials refused to locate or turn over reports in that case. At the time a spokesman said they will examine the case in the future and turn records over then.

Routine Check - After the shooting police said Patrolman Buchman was apparently making a routine "ownership" check when he stopped the 1970 Continental Garland was operating. Police said that patrolman Buchman notified communications to saying, "I'm in pursuit of a vehicle." Moments later officers in the area of the Northern District heard reports of gunfire which led them to Officer Buchman.

As they pulled up the officer was found shot in the head on the side walk in the 2500 block Quantico Avenue, Park Heights-Pimlico area. Suspect Sean Garland was arrested at the scene, police said, an autopsy report that was released 7 April 1973 said patrolman Buchman had been shot in the head six times with his own a revolver, twice in the front of his head, and four times in the back of his head. He was found lying face down.

Police officials conceded yesterday that the reason Patrolman Buchman stopped the car is unknown, "We don't know why he stopped it." Said Dennis Hill police spokesman. “I don't know what was in his mind." He said one theory is that police were investigating a group of people who allegedly “Were switching driver’s licenses." Carrying false identification for "various activities." Hill did not elaborate.

Elvin Garland said that Patrolman Buchman stopped his brother the prior Monday in the 4400 block Park Heights Avenue several blocks from the shooting on 6 April, for an “unpaid" traffic ticket.

According to police records, a search of the car uncovered a small amount of suspected marijuana in the ashtray and a suspected marijuana cigarette elsewhere in the vehicle. He was arrested and charged with a minor narcotics offense and was released on a $500 bail after paying a bondsman 10% $50.00. Records showed.

The brother claimed he saw Patrolman Buchman searching the car and when he approached." Elvin Garland said, his mother prevented his being arrested when she “grabbed me by the back of my neck and put me in her car."

This shooting occurred almost in front of the home of Mr. Garland's mothers. Dorothy L Garland, who claimed that Friday police "arrested" her son.

Ms. Garland said her son had just been released from jail, and that he was in and out of jail frequently because of harassment. (it had nothing to do with the crimes he had committed - in fact if police would ignore the crime he would've gone to jail at all).

Patrolman Buchman was eulogized yesterday by his district commander, Captain Ted Weintraub, as "A kid that didn't just do his job, he cared. He became involved in the community in a helpful positive way" The Capt. then went on to say, “rather than just chastise kids, he tried to work with them. To follow-up on their cases. He made it his business to go back and say, "hey, how are you doing? Staying out of trouble?" Captain Weintraub said, Patrolman Buchman a former army combat photographer who was wounded in Vietnam was, "Good police!" who became involved in his cases “on a human bases."

The captain was bitter over reports that Garland had a “Minor" police record. He noted Garland's convictions for assaulting a policeman in 1969. Look at the crimes, he said, that nine convictions were "for garbage" to review offences generally "the most time he ever got was 30 days for filing a false report to the police department.".

Police cars had headlights on in honor of Patrolman Buchman all day 7 April 1973, and the department announced that the lights will remain on until further notice.

Services for Patrolman Buchman were held at 10:00 AM Tuesday April 10th at the Burgee funeral establishments, 3631 falls road. He is survived by his wife, Cheryl Goldberg, a two year old daughter Jennifer Buchman , his mother Edith Buchman , a sister Regina Buchman , two brothers Robert and George Buchman and a stepbrother Norman L

We his brothers and sisters of the Baltimore Police Department will not let him be forgotten – RIP Officer Norman F. Buchman and God Bless - For your service "Honored" the City of Baltimore, and the Baltimore Police Department"

Pressman orders probe of slaying - Pressman said last night he had ordered his "crime commission" to investigate the slaying of patrolman Norman F. Buchman to determine whether the leniency of the courts is responsible for his death.

“I want to know all the circumstances behind the non-prosecution of a charge of assault with intent to murder against the man suspected of slaying and delete fines given in various other charges involving assaults." - “I want to know whether anyone who should have been behind bars was out on the streets free to shoot a policeman" Mr. Pressman said. The chairman of the comptroller's self-appointed committee is a former deputy police commissioner Mr. Pressman said Harry D. Coffman. The committee vice chairman we'll do the legwork work this investigation

Lawyer Faces Charges of Contempt Bid Made in Probe of Police Killing - William H. Murphy, Jr., a Baltimore attorney, yesterday was given until May 4 to show cause why he should not be adjudged in contempt of the grand jury for allegedly preventing four witnesses from appearing before that jury in a case involving the fatal shooting of a policeman. The contempt citation was sought by Robert Veith, grand jury foreman, in a petition that accused Mr. Murphy of causing "interference with the grand jury process and proceedings and with the due administration of justice." Judge Marshall A. Levin signed the . order giving the attorney until May 4 to respond to the allegations, and assigned the case for hearing before Judge William J. O'Donnell in Criminal Court. Continuing investigation The actions alleged In the petition occurred in the continuing investigation of the shooting of Patrolman Norman Buchman, 24, on April 6, which ultimately resulted in the April 9 indictment for murder of Michael Sean Garland, 23, of the 4900 block Queensberry avenue.

The. grand jury alleged that on April 9. it issued subpoenas for the personal appearance of four witnesses the next day. These were identified as Dorothy Garland, mother of the accused; Beverly Garland, his sister-in-law; Nancy Dorsey, a girl friend of the defendant, and James Hughes, a friend of the accused.

The petition alleged "that after each had been served with the summons as aforesaid, they all failed to appear as required." However on April 11th the four were question by the Grand Jury concerning their FTO on the 10th and each of the charged stated.

The jurors said they learned, "All four witnesses went to Billy Murphy's officer at approx. 9:30AM on the 10th of April where they handed their subpoenas to Billy Murphy at his request, and were told by him to, "wait here!" and then he left and did not return, until after the Grand Jury had adjourned for the day. Each witness was interviewed separately and each gave a similar account as to what Billy Murphy said and what he did.

The petition charged that Billy Murphy the son of a District Court Judge "Did not disclose the whereabouts of said witnesses to anyone connected with the cause before the grand jury until after the grand jury had adjourned for the day!"

The Jury panel said it learned that on 10 April Mr. Murphy "had statements taken from said witnesses concerning their knowledge in the matter of a case pending before them and about which they were to testify."

Further it was charged that on April 11th before the appearance of the witnesses to the grand jury Billy Murphy entered into an attorney client relationship with each of the witnesses in connection with their anticipated appearances before the grand jury at least two by his own solicitation.

Officer Buchman was 24 years of age at the time of his death, and while he is no longer with us, he will never be forgotten, by us; his brothers and sisters of the Baltimore Police Department. RIP and God Bless, as we take this time to remember you on this sad day.

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More Details

End of Watch 6 April , 1973
City, St. Pall Mall and Quantico Avenue.
Panel Number 11-W: 12
Cause of Death Gunfire
Weapon - Officer's Handgun
District Worked Northwestern

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